Things in the way

Standard set of documents when going abroad is as follows: 
1 passport (with visa if necessary) 
2 flights (to and fro) 
3 voucher for accommodation, meals, transfers and tours (if ordered) 
4 Insurance 
If you eat with the kids: 
1 passport for the child, or the child should be entered in the passport of the parent (in the parent's passport must be pasted photos of the child if he is 6 years or more) 
2 The power of attorney to leave the child (notarized by the other parent), if a child is traveling with one parent. In some CIS countries can travel on internal passport and not have authorization for removal of the child. 
Make copies of all documents 
Figure out the customs regulations of the country 
Check which credit cards are accepted in this country 

On a trip
During walks carry a safety document, a hotel card and photocopy of the passport
Going on a trip. You can take one of the three types of currencies: 
1 The currency of the country of travel 
2 Euro 
3 USD 
Currency of travel - the currency is not always available in our banks, and if it is, then the course of her shopping is so unprofitable that it is better to be purchased in the country. Euro - you take with you when you eat to travel to European countries. 
USD - you take with you. if you eat in the United States, the Americas, Asia and African countries in the Caribbean and the Pacific, as well as in the popular Egypt and Turkey, as well as in most other countries. 
Personal Security 
Inform relatives about your trip, place of residence, leave a phone number 
To take care of travel insurance and luggage insurance 
Not too much to talk to fellow travelers 
Do not use a private taxi 
Do not leave children unattended 
Do not drink alcohol 
The room keys are left on the rack at each exit from the hotel 
plastic cards 
International Plastic bank cards VISA and Master Card are a very convenient means of storing, handling and settlement of money on travel. • With the help of the banking katra you can carry with them any amount of currency without declaring it 
• The map is your mobile wallet without taking up much space in your pocket 
• Card is conveniently calculated in shops and restaurants 
• With the card you can withdraw cash. 
But before traveling, make sure: 
• that the map has the means 
• that your bank card is accepted abroad 
• whether it is possible to pay off your card in your country of travel 
Going on a trip, do not forget to take a standard set of medicines and medical supplies for the trip, which you use regularly. After getting into a new country is not always possible in the pharmacy to explain what you need and you can not always buy exactly what will save you from pain and suffering. Drug names are usually different from ours, and their purpose, and contraindications is not always possible to correctly understand and translate even if you have a way with language of the host country. And in some countries (eg USA and Europe), even the most basic medicines are dispensed only strictly on prescription. Therefore we advise you to err, and to provide all possible on the road and at play circumstances and collect for yourself your own first aid kit with the road selection of essential drugs. 
Composition of the road first aid kit (travel kits) 
Depends on the health and age of the travelers, but there are general guidelines for its formation. 
Things in the way 
This is an important part of preparation for the trip, because here you need to find a middle ground - not to take anything too much and at the same time take all necessary. 
A lot of questions that confront the traveler! Here you need to consider everything from what you would leave before what to bring. Different climate zones, different temperature and different conditions along the way: the house - Road - Airport - plane - country holiday - the return journey, stop cause even experienced travelers. 
There are general guidelines for the clothes you want to take with you: 
• Take things that you are comfortable 
• Take comfortable shoes proven 
• Take a swimsuit (even if the tour is not a beach) 
• take an evening clothing (eg, cocktail dress or suit), if you plan to attend social events, or at your hotel is provided Dress-code 
• read the tour program and take things according to the places of visit, season, climate and temperature 
When the time difference of 4-5 hours, try to arrive at a place of rest at night 
Drink only bottled water 
With wary in the local cuisine 
Avoid night swimming in the sea 
After returning from vacation leave 2-3 days to adapt
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