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Tourist visas

For the examination of documents for a tourist visa must submit:
  • an invitation from the Israeli travel company with full payment of services and information about the tour;
  • a cover letter from a local tour company confirming the reservation hotels and airline tickets;
  • certificate from the place of work / study on the position, the amount of monthly income and information about vacation;
  • passport with visa Visa Office - passport validity must be at least 6 months at the time of treatment;
  • his birth certificate, documents on marital status;
  • insurance
  • 2 color photos on a white background, size 5,5x5,5 cm;
  • pay the application fee (25 US $ - Payment in sums at the rate of Central Bank of Uzbekistan);
  • proof of solvency (documents on real estate, bank statement of account or passbook).
  • If a tourist pensioner - to provide pension book.
When leaving a minor child with one parent or with an accompanying person, you must:
  • presence of parents in the Embassy to give written permission to leave the child;
  • child's passport or having a baby name in the visa in the passport oVIRa Inbound parent or accompanying person;
  • 2 color photos 5x5 baby;
  • Metric child.
Embassy of Israel in Uzbekistan
Location: Tashkent, street Abdullah Kahhar 3
Phone: +998 71 140 75 00, 140 75 05
Telephone: +998 71 140 75 13 140 75 15
Fax: +998 71 140 75 55

Reception days of the consular department: Monday to Friday inclusive.
Hours: from 10-00 to 13-00.
On Friday held only receiving documents.
The Consular Section is closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Questionnaires to apply for a visa issued free of charge in the Embassy.
Embassy accepts passport for visa citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and the inhabitants of the South Kazakhstan region.

Applying for a visa does not guarantee its receipt. Fees are payable for the examination of documents ivozvratu not be.

The visa fee - $ 25, payment in sums at the rate of Central Bank of Uzbekistan.
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Israel boasts a well-deserved popular year-round: some come here to dive into ancient history, others - to correct shattered nerves on medicinal expanse of the Dead Sea (in which, incidentally, is not very much, and sank too dense water due to salt), and others - immersed in general anesthesia on the operating table the best doctors, the fourth - again sink, but in the Red Sea, diving, fifth - to spend holidays at the beach, as you probably already guessed, plunging into the blissful idleness. Oh, I almost forgot: young people are often sent to Israel and even then, to how to revel in the unburned parties in local nightclubs, plunging into the rhythms of modern music and clubs of fragrant smoke.
a question that should not be in front of tourists in Israel - the issue of the language barrier (almost a quarter of the population is fluent in Russian) and the issue of service (here everything is clear - and in hotels at every level, and on tour)

Visa to Israel

Capital - Jerusalem (Jerusalem).
Major cities and resorts in Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Beersheba.
The main resorts on the seas of Israel, Herzliya, Caesarea, Eilat, Hamat Gader and Arad.
Getting to Israel
regular flights to Tashkent Tel Aviv perform national airline "Havoyullari" flight time -5.35 hours.


Duty-free import of 250 cigarettes can be or 250 grams of tobacco, up to a liter of spirits, 2 liters of wine, up to 250 grams of cologne or perfume gifts in the amount of not more than 200 USD (including up to 3 kg of food), as well as objects and personal belongings use. Import of foreign currency is unlimited. The import of weapons, drugs, pornography and any material that may offend religious and national identity of Israel.
Some personal effects (visual equipment, diving equipment, hand tools) levied at the border customs guarantee. The deposit is returned if the items will be shown at customs when leaving the country.
Antiques, you can take out only with the permission of the local government culture.


New Israeli Shekel (NewIsraeliSheqel, NIS). 1 $ = 4.4 NIS.

Dialing code



Israel - a multi-confessional country. Approximately 76% of Israelis are Jews, 16% - Muslims, 2% - Christians, 2% are Druze and the remaining 4% are not assigned to any confessions.

Transportation in Israel

Israel is very convenient to travel by train: they are frequent, the schedule is strictly observed, the rate is high. The only negative - the country's only one main line with several branches, as well as suburban system of Tel Aviv. In Haifa, there is one subway line.
In addition, you can travel around the country and on buses. They run regularly across the board, but during religious holidays, as well as from Friday evening to Saturday evening did not go. All have air conditioning.
The main public transport - bus again. The trip costs a little more than a dollar (about 5 ILS), sells tickets to the driver. City buses in Jerusalem go from 6:00 to midnight. However, most bus lines do not work on the Sabbath (from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday) and on Jewish holidays.
Taxi (the only form of transport that runs on Saturdays and public holidays) costs about 3 ILS per km, plus 5 ILS landing.
Very popular in the country and use taxis "Sherut" (fare ~ 4,5 ILS).
In Israel there are special tourist taxis that are run by the Ministry of Tourism registered tour guides. On the door of these machines - the emblem of the Ministry of Tourism (two men carrying a huge bunch of grapes). They can take a tour of the city and other parts of the country.
Rent a car in Israel
Rent a car in the country is relatively inexpensive (compared to Europe), there is a car with a manual gearbox. Rent a car for any person 21 years or older who have a valid international driver's license and credit card. But gasoline, by contrast, is quite expensive.
Traffic rules are very strict, all need to wear a seatbelt, and children up to four years to transport only in special seats. The border between Israel and the Palestinian territories in a rented car is better not to cross.

Safety of tourists

According to Jewish tradition Saturday ("Sabbath") begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. During this time, shops, many restaurants, some cinemas and other public places are closed. Does not work and public transport: go somewhere at this time we can only take a taxi. Encourage tourists to respect the religious traditions of the day and not to call during the "Sabbath" in the religious neighborhoods of Jerusalem and other cities. This day should also refrain from smoking in public places - it can be perceived as an insult.

Climate Israel

The climate in Israel, despite the not too large area is very diverse - from temperate to tropical, with plenty of sunny days. From November to May last rainy winter season, the rest of the time - a dry summer. Abundant rains in the north and center of the country, much less - in the northern Negev, and in the south they almost never happens.
On the coast - humid summers and mild winters in mountain areas - dry summers and relatively cold winters. In the Jordan Valley - hot, dry summers and mild winters, in the Negev - semi-desert climate.
The swimming season in Israel, all year round: in summer bathe in the Mediterranean Sea and the Lake of Galilee (Kinneret), and in the winter - in the Dead and Red seas. The hottest months at the Dead Sea and Eilat (Red Sea) - June, July and August. The average temperature of air / water at this time + 38 ° C / + 30 ° C.

Hotels in Israel

There are no Israeli hotels "star" classification: instead it has a system of "classes". Since there are so many different hotels in the world "chains", their classification tour operators establish themselves in accordance with their more or less objective evaluations. This means that when choosing a hotel in Israel, should focus not on the number of "asterisks" (this figure is very conditional), and a specific list of services and descriptions of rooms. However, the service in hotels is quite clear - computers do not "hang", linings and "perebroney" does not happen.
Those urban hotels that operators defined as 4 *, as a rule, does not have a pool, and the hotel category "five stars" pools often have. And the "five" and "four" generally pleased with spacious rooms. The food is always good in Israel, but in the "five", of course, the richest menu.
Mains voltage in Israel Standard - 220 V. Most sockets are three contact inputs, but they are also suitable for European appliances. For shavers, travel irons and other small household electrical appliances may need an adapter. Buy it easy.
Hotels in Tel Aviv take inspire guests with a deposit.

Banks and exchange offices

Currency can be exchanged at any bank or at one of the many exchange offices (the latter, as a rule, do not take commission). Most banks in the first half of the day is open from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm (Sunday through Thursday), and in the afternoon - from 16:00 to 18:00 (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday). On the eve of major Jewish holidays, banks are open from 8:30 to 12:00.
Almost everywhere accept credit cards, money can be withdrawn in numerous ATMs. In hotels and large shops, as a rule, you can pay in dollars, but the change may issue and in shekels.

Shopping and shops in Israel

Hours stores and agencies: Sunday-Thursday, 8: 30-13: 00 and 16: 00-19: 00, Friday and before holidays 9: 00-13: 00. Bazaars are closed after dark. Trade establishments belonging to Muslims, are closed on Fridays, and Christian - on Sundays.
Israel is famous for its jewelery industry, especially diamonds and gold ornaments. Another of the country can bring inexpensive and, moreover, very high quality wine, oriental spices and herbs, as well as cosmetic products based on Dead Sea minerals. Samyeizvestnyemarki - Ahava, Sea of Spa, Hlavin, Dead Sea Premier. In addition, local stores and pharmacies sold plenty of lesser-known but often highly effective cosmetic products. And there is a good selection of duty free shops at departure. In boutiques at hospitals Dead Sea can be purchased serious drugs: creams and ointments for the treatment of eczema, lichen planus, and so on. D.
Popular Pharmacy action on the Dead Sea cosmetics is called "1 + 1": buying a product at its full value, for the second (no more than the first one) you have to pay only 1 ILS.

Cuisine and restaurants

In Israel - a great variety of different restaurants: Chinese, Russian, French, Indian, Moroccan, and the list goes on. Menu is usually printed in Hebrew and in English. Portions tend to be large, but they are decent. Local beer "Maccabi" quite good taste, but it's worth in terms of Russian money about 80 rubles even in the store.
There is one guiding principle: religious Jew eats only kosher food, and the right to exist Only those restaurants that match the strict rules of observers rabbis. "Kosher" in Russian - "pure", "permitted". Kashrut - a set of rules that define kosher. In addition to kosher Israeli and Arab cuisine is influenced generous use of various spices (sesame, cinnamon, mint, coriander), making local dishes unique.
Of the meat dishes that are traditionally many spices and herbs worth a try "meat in Hebrew" and "meoravierushalmi" - a dish of four kinds of chicken meat. Of vegetable dishes are worth trying a variety of salads, hummus, "falafel" (fried in oil pea-bean balls), cold beet soup, potato pancakes and fried zucchini. Most kosher desserts "eggnog", baked apples, pancakes, cakes with almonds.
kebab (beef or lamb) kebab (grilled meat), shawarma (meat on a spit). Almost every menu you meet Tahini - mashed boiled sesame seeds, onions and tomatoes. Both of these unusual dishes are usually served with pita bread, tortilla traditional Arabic.
burekas - pastry stuffed with cheese, spinach or potatoes.
For fish, the traditional dishes is the fish St. Peter, roasted on the grill. You can also try the marinated tuna. Sweets in Israel extremely popular. Baklava, nut cookies, caramel pudding, candied fruit, and much more.
Tipping in restaurants and restaurant - the standard 10% (sometimes they are already included in the bill). Be generous in the taxi, but not necessarily. It is also common to leave "tea" tour bus driver and tour guide.

Entertainment, tours and attractions Israel

The Eternal City attracts tourists in the first place, the concentration of the holiest shrines of three world religions - Jewish Wailing Wall, the Christian Holy Sepulchre and the Muslim Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa. Each of the shrines of great importance to their religion. Wailing Wall - all that remains of the Second Temple, the destruction of the Jews who mourn here. Muslim mosques were built on the site where according to tradition the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. Holy Sepulcher was built over the burial place of Jesus in the Temple is the Rotunda with the Holy Sepulchre. In the western part of the city attractions are modern Jerusalem - Museum Yad Vashem, built to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.
One of the main attractions of the city - the monastery Hospitaller. Particular attention should be paid to the underground hall dining room, an underground tunnel from which leads to the seaport. Just in Acre is the Al-Jazzar, which holds the hair from the beard of Prophet Muhammad.
The main tourist attraction of Haifa - Bahai Temple, the center of Baha'i religion. On the mountain stands the Carmelite Monastery, founded by the Crusaders, who were searching for a quiet life. Nearby is the tomb of the prophet Elijah and the cave where according to legend found blood Holy Family.
One of the holy places for Jews, posolku here was completed one part of the Talmud, the Mishnah. To the south of Tiberias is the traditional place of baptism Yardenit, and north of the city is located Capernaum, where he lived and preached Christ.
In Nazareth, there are four places of pilgrimage: Source, where there was the Annunciation; Grotto - Workshop Joseph; The synagogue, in which Christ taught and the Abyss, in which his countrymen wanted to overthrow him.
STANOVOI place of pilgrimage, after St. Helena erects there Basilica of the Nativity. 200 years later, Emperor Justinian build at this point a new basilica. Modern decoration basilica was done in the 12th century. Greek Orthodox icon painters according to the canons of the Orthodox Church.
Cana of Galilee.
Cana of Galilee mentioned in the Gospels as the place where Jesus performed his first miracle - turning water into wine.

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