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For the examination of documents for a tourist visa must submit:
  • an invitation from the Israeli travel company with full payment of services and information about the tour;
  • a cover letter from a local tour company confirming the reservation hotels and airline tickets;
  • certificate from the place of work / study on the position, the amount of monthly income and information about vacation;
  • passport with visa Visa Office - passport validity must be at least 6 months at the time of treatment;
  • his birth certificate, documents on marital status;
  • insurance
  • 2 color photos on a white background, size 5,5x5,5 cm;
  • pay the application fee (25 US $ - Payment in sums at the rate of Central Bank of Uzbekistan);
  • proof of solvency (documents on real estate, bank statement of account or passbook).
  • If a tourist pensioner - to provide pension book.
When leaving a minor child with one parent or with an accompanying person, you must:
  • presence of parents in the Embassy to give written permission to leave the child;
  • child's passport or having a baby name in the visa in the passport oVIRa Inbound parent or accompanying person;
  • 2 color photos 5x5 baby;
  • Metric child.
Embassy of Israel in Uzbekistan
Location: Tashkent, street Abdullah Kahhar 3
Phone: +998 71 140 75 00, 140 75 05
Telephone: +998 71 140 75 13 140 75 15
Fax: +998 71 140 75 55

Reception days of the consular department: Monday to Friday inclusive.
Hours: from 10-00 to 13-00.
On Friday held only receiving documents.
The Consular Section is closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Questionnaires to apply for a visa issued free of charge in the Embassy.
Embassy accepts passport for visa citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and the inhabitants of the South Kazakhstan region.

Applying for a visa does not guarantee its receipt. Fees are payable for the examination of documents ivozvratu not be.

The visa fee - $ 25, payment in sums at the rate of Central Bank of Uzbekistan.
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Ashdod (Ashdod) - a seaside town on the Mediterranean coast, got its name inherited from once existed here the same name of the oldest settlements in Israel, whose history dates back several millennia. Ashdod - wonderful resort with golden sand beaches, azure water, a mild climate that allows swimming in the sea all year round, and infrastructure.
This is the fifth largest town in combination is the country's main port and a major industrial center. The industrial zone is located in the north. South - it's residential areas, stretched along the coast. Beaches with gentle slope to the water totaling not less than eight kilometers - a local landmark. There is constantly under construction. Each new quarter gets its name in accordance with the letters of the alphabet in Hebrew. Accordingly, the oldest neighborhoods built in the 50s. 20th century, referred to as "Aleph" and "Bet". In the 90-ies. here is an influx of immigrants from the Soviet Union. And now the number of Russian-speaking population significantly enough, about one-third of the total population of the city.
In Ashdod, you can find the so-called Russian restaurants where, at least, there is a menu in Russian and supermarkets selling familiar to Russians, but prohibited for the believer Israeli products. For example, pork.

How to get there
Many large cities in Israel can be reached by bus to Ashdod. Direct access is possible from Jerusalem. Travel time - half an hour. The fare one way - 25 shekels. Bus number 438 and 448 go regularity in the morning and the evening. Breaks between flights small. Maximum waiting time - one hour. In the afternoon, buses depart from the central bus station in Jerusalem or the central bus station in Ashdod, run every half hour.
From Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva can be reached with transfers. Also from Tel Aviv trains towards Ashdod. Travel time - about an hour.

History and culture
Modern Ashdod even wears the same name as that of the ancient city, is still somewhat away from the historic location. However, this does not mean that one of the main ports of Israel has nothing to do with the former the most important maritime center on the Mediterranean coast. The first people arrived in the area about 300 thousand years ago, and the first settlement, according to ancient sources, around the 17th century BC.
Who has not ruled Ashdod. The city is constantly invaded, leaving alone strategically port. The biggest impact had come from the sea even in ancient times the Philistines. Then there were the Israelites, Byzantines, Crusaders, Arabs. Today Ashdod was founded in the mid 50s. At first, he was seen as a place of residence staff the seaport, but in the future a constant increase of the population and the active development has led to the fact that given the status of the city of Ashdod. Now it is a place of pilgrimage for many tourists and one of the cultural centers of Israel.

Crednemesyachnaya temperature, ° C
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
daytime +18 +18 +19 +23 +25 +28 +29 +30 +29 +27 +23 +19
night +10 +10 +12 +14 +17 +21 +23 +24 +23 +19 +15 +11
water +18 +18 +17 +20 +21 +25 +28 +28 +28 +25 +23 +20

Beaches Ashdod known primarily golden sand, gentle slope to the water and a wide coastal area. Among them stands out: Mei Ami, equipped with all the necessities and is located at the intersection of streets and Hataelet Nordau, Lido offering the services of visitors restaurant and several shops (street Hataelet), Youth on the beach Kshatot SderotMosheDayan where summer and winter discos (in summer - from 18.00 hours to 11.00 zimoy-). In winter, spend even a disco on Saturday, which is atypical for Israeli cities.
Ideal for family holidays considered Oranim beach located between Lido and Kshatotom. However, we must be prepared that there is no need for the beach equipment. There are also several free beaches on SderotMosheDayan, including those in the same part of a special Separate beach for religious population Women and men come here at different times. Most of the beaches in the summer of works from 8.00 to 19.00. In September, the work reduced by one hour.
Since many immigrants in Ashdod, and assimilation process is long and complex, it is often the behavior of local residents is outraged by the religious part of the population. Apart from the fact that the stores can be found illegal, not kosher products, the population is not so jealously observing Judaism, allowing yourself, for example, on the Sabbath to relax on the beach.

Shopping & Stores
Ashdod is the commercial center. A huge number of shopping centers are opening here, since the 90s, will delight any shopaholic. In addition to the "local" brands, they can find and customary international clothing brand for the middle class. One of the largest and most popular centers' City »(CityMall) was opened just in the 90s. It is situated next to the Central Bus Station. From Sunday to Thursday "City" from 10.00 to 22.00, Friday - from 10.00 to 16.00.
Because Israel - a religious rather than a secular state, all the inhabitants of this country observes Shabbat, celebrated on Saturday, which is a kind of holiday. In this day and part of Friday Israelis do not work.
Shopping center "Leo Ashdod» (LevAshdod) is located on the corner of Balfour and EgudaHalevi, in the heart of the city, and is a four-storey building with shops, cafés, restaurants and playgrounds. "Sea Mall» (SeaMall) on the street Hagdud-Haivri, in addition to shops, offers visitors a climbing wall and a cinema. Schedule summer is different from winter.

Entertainment, tours and attractions Ashdod
In Ashdod many beautiful parks, of which stands out Lachish and Sand Dunes Park. Jonah famous hill in the city is supposed burial place of famous biblical prophet. The hill offers a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Also here you can find a dairy restaurant. By ancient monuments include the ruins of the signal tower and the remains of the fortress Ashdod Yam. Art Museum for those who are not alien beauty. Founded exposition is devoted to the present. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - from 10.00 to 16.00, Tuesday - from 10.00 to 20.00, Friday - from 10.30 to 13.30, Sunday - closed.

+(998 90) 939 40 00
+(998 95) 170 24 25
+(998 95) 177 54 52
+(998 97) 772 54 52
+(998 71) 256 87 36 (факс)

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