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Mauritius from Uzbekistan"A little, yes udalenky" - it's about Mauritius. For many years, this tiny country is stable (and, presumably, very profitable) operates in a niche rather expensive, but it is a popular destination. However, it is no wonder: on the island of excellent beaches with fine sand and rare beauty of the underwater world that draws divers from around the world. All this is complemented by an abundance of excellent opportunities for exciting sea fishing. Besides here like to spend the couple, as well as spouses "with the experience," says Mauritius round or not wedding anniversary.


The climate is tropical marine, hot, with abundant moisture brought by the trade winds from the ocean. Summer (November to April) is hot and humid: +25 ° C at night, +30 ° C or higher during the day, the humidity reaches 80%. Winter (May to October) cooler and drier: +17 ° C at night, +23 ° C during the day. The water temperature all year round +22 ... + 26 ° C.
The Coolest and unfavorable for a holiday in Mauritius periods - in June and July. Despite the comfortable daytime temperature +20 ... + 25 ° C, strong winds blow. But the weather in August and September will suit those who do not like extreme heat.

Transportation in Mauritius

Air Mauritius flies daily from Mauritius to Rodrigues Island (under the jurisdiction of Mauritius): 500 km per hour are overcome with a little. There also (as well as the islands of the Community) and can be reached by ferry.
The most economical, but not the fastest way to move around the island - buses. The network of trails is very extensive, buses themselves are in good condition, and some even have air conditioning. The fare depends on the distance tickets right inside the conductor writes.
Taxis are available at the airport or near the hotel. The cost of the trip should specify in advance: the majority of taxi drivers do not recognize the principle of counters. The cost of the trip is on average 15-20 MUR per kilometer when traveling long distance tariffs are reduced. For short journeys it is rather expensive form of transportation, but to hire a taxi for the whole day - much more profitable for 2500 MUR can thoroughly examine all the beauty of the island.


Quick change of weather in Mauritius - are not uncommon, so you should take with them not only light things, but with raincoats and windbreakers. Rainfall, though short, but strong. It is also strongly recommended to use sunglasses and creams (insolation level Mauritius is very high even on cloudy days), sturdy shoes and beach slippers (across the debris of corals).
Perhaps the only bad thing that can spoil the tourists the local rest - an unplanned meeting with some local marine life, whose spikes and thorns left painful wounds.
No special immunizations are required. Poisonous animals and insects on the island there, but some bites from the local fauna are painful and can cause allergic reactions.
The water in the hotels can drink from the tap (it is thoroughly cleaned), but still recommended to drink bottled.
Police on the streets a bit, but the crime rate is very low. Pickpocketing and petty theft are found only in major tourist areas, and then infrequently.


All beaches on the island of sand, kept in perfect condition every day they cleaned of debris, the debris of corals and algae. To ensure the safety of the stop in Mauritius, as in any country "with corals," recommended that you go into the water at the beach slippers (for the most part it refers to the wild beaches). The level of insolation on the island is very high even on cloudy days (due to the proximity to the equator), so it is strongly recommended to use a sunscreen with a high SPF. Plus, of course, do not forget the sunglasses and hats.
Theoretically, Mauritius can be crossed on foot from north to south in less than 24 hours. He reached only 65 km in length and a little less than 50 km wide - is slightly larger than the average diameter of Moscow.
Town of Flic-en-Flac no accident is very popular among Mauritians themselves: there are beautiful beaches, and nearby is a reserve "kazel-Bird Park". In Tamarin Bay - a very different "profile": it is the most wild and pristine on the coast, and because of the strong waves is a "tasty morsel" for surfers.
In the east of the island is the beach of Belle Mar deep lagoons and calm waters. Pereybere Beach on the south-west is considered the "rave" on the island. In the southern part of the island hilly coast gives way to the beach in Trois-Eau Douce, stretched wide strip of the finest sand on the 11 km.


The most popular natural souvenir - colored earth "Chamarel". In a glass jar placed immiscible layers of pink, orange, yellow, brown and bluish soil. Also popular are the old wooden models of sailing ships, cashmere products, textiles, vanilla tea, local rum Green Island and, of course, cane sugar. Jewelry with precious stones are on average 40% cheaper than in Europe.
Shops are generally open from 9:30 to 19:30 (Port Louis) or from 10:00 to 18:00 (in other cities) on weekdays, and on Saturdays - from 12:00 to 17:00 the capital and other cities, they usually work longer. Department stores are open on Sundays - from 9:00 to 12:00. Once a week (usually on Thursday afternoons) Mauritian traders arrange a day off for half a day. In the capital, shops do not work on Saturdays, but shops on the waterfront Codan open until 18: 00-19: 30. The biggest market on the island takes place during Flake, it is called: Flacq Market.

The kitchen and dining Mauritius

The local cuisine is a kind of mixture of Indian, French and English, thus reflecting the history of Mauritius. Its basis - rice and curry.
In restaurants, hotels usually provide very rich "buffet". In addition, the island is a "nominal" restaurants of famous chefs - Alain Ducasse and Vineta Batia. It is very good and the local cocktail of coconut milk with the addition of rum and a slice of lime.

Wedding in Mauritius

Mauritius is listed among the most popular destinations among honeymooners. There are organized as symbolic and legal marriage ceremony. In the first case the documents are not required at all, as they say - every whim for your money; Second - you need at least one month to provide the necessary documents or the tour operator directly to administrative company in Mauritius. Well, of course, choose the location of the ceremony.


Fishing on the high seas - one of the main attractions of Mauritius. At any time of the year here catch record instances of blue marlin, fish, hammerhead, tuna and barracuda. The best time for fishing accounts for September to April, and the least "cool" months - June and July. Most fish are considered bay at the south-western coast, from Riviere Noire Marlin to Morne Brabant.


This sport is very popular in Mauritius, for that matter, with kite surfing and windsurfing. From May to December, when there are the strongest wind, wave height sometimes reaches seven meters! However, afraid of this size it is not necessary: ​​beginners can always be trained in the lagoon, on the calm water. All necessary equipment can be rented.
The best place for surfing in Mauritius (and one of the top 20 in the world) - Tamarin Bay on the west coast of the island. There you can easily find the day a couple of surfers - world-famous celebrities.

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