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Seychelles is in this category Seychelles invariably stand in foreign guidebooks: all year round on its idyllic scenery flock happy-couple moths. Seychelles offer extremely rare in today's busy world commodity - absolute peace, privacy and rhythm of life (if not, a complete lack of it) - in short, ideal conditions for the beginning of their life together. Paradise, frankly, are not cheap, on the other hand - a wedding is also one ... at least, few people during the honeymoon is already planning the next wedding.
Another category of local tourists - people who love the sea: around the archipelago are many exceptionally beautiful dive sites, and its 115 islands coast washed by the waves on any serfboards taste. In addition, they come here lovers of sea fishing, yachting and exclusive beach holiday without any frills. Needless to add that all these fans - at least very wealthy people?
In short, solid seasonable weather. Disadvantages direction, you ask? Well, there is one ... even though it is for someone like ... take a look at the list price - will understand what I mean.
Capital - Victoria (Victoria), the island of Mahe.
The main "tourist" of the island - Mahe (Mahe), Praslin (Praslin) and La Digue (LaDigue). Also known island-hotels Frigate Island of St. Anne, Desroches Island, Silhouette, Surf and another private island hotel Denise. Favorite activity of local tourists - diving.

Visa for Seychelles

How to get there

Most popular flights regular national flights HavoYullarido Dubai and the Emirates avialiniyami.Mozhno then fly through Moscow. The international airport "Pointe Larue" is on the island of Mahe, 9 km from the capital Victoria.

Airport in the Seychelles

Seychelles International Airport or AéroportdeLaPointelaRue, as it is known locally, is located on the island of Mahe, near the capital city of Victoria.
The airport is based national carrier of the Seychelles AirSeychelles, operates direct flights to Mauritius and vYohannesburg. Besides international airport terminal receives flights from Addis Ababa (EthiopianAirlines), Nairobi (KenyaAirways), Dubai (Emirates), Abu Dhabi (Etihad) and Doha (QatarAirways), as well as regular charter flights from Frankfurt (Condor) and Amsterdam (Martinair ).
All inter-island flights are carried out from the inside the airport terminal, located a short walk from the International. In high season planes are taking off every 10-15 minutes in the rest of the year - every half hour.
The capital of the Seychelles airport is connected by highway Victoria - ProvidenceHighway, as well as regular bus routes departing from the bus station in Victoria.


Import and export of foreign and local currency is not limited. Duty-free import of 400 cigarettes or 500 grams of tobacco, two liters of alcohol and 200 ml perfume. Import of other goods is capped at 3000 SCR.
Banned the import of weapons (including the air and underwater hunting), vegetables, fruits, plants, unpreserved meat and meat products, as well as medicines and drugs. Banned the export of shells, corals, articles of tortoiseshell and nuts "coco de mer" without special permission.
A brief but very rich history
Lounging in a deck chair under a palm tree, and kept falling into slumber under the whisper of the ocean, it's hard to believe that in the Seychelles - extremely turbulent past. French first settled there - ponavezli slaves staged a spice plantation. Then he seized the island ubiquitous Britain: First, attach to Mauritius and then allocated to a separate colony, and in the end - to chop off a few islands, turning them into "British territory". But the interesting thing started in 1976, when the archipelago gained independence: a year as a result of a small skirmish came to power there Marxists. With all the consequences: a one-party system, "the land - to peasants" and even collective farms! In 1981, they successfully fought off the mercenaries from South Africa, who tried to seize power in the Republic, and in 1991 they themselves have pushed all of his achievements: back multiparty system, free elections and even abandoned the Marxist ideology. And you say - "Bounty"!

Transport of Seychelles

Seychelles - an island nation located in the 115 islands of the archipelago, 33 of which are inhabited. The most convenient way to travel between them - airline flights AirSeychelles. Internal message with major tourist zones, as well as (in order) to the outer islands, the company provides SeychellesHelicopter, whose services cost about 4000 SCR hour flight.
In addition, the link between the islands, even the most distant, provided by numerous ferries and schooners. Tickets are sold on board and there are about 70 SSR fare each way.
Ironically, the bus network in the Seychelles is also quite well developed. The fare - from 3 to 5 SCR. And on the island of Mahe is even a taxi. All cars are equipped with meters: 5 SCR per km, the first km - 15 SCR.
On the island of La Digue can move environmentally friendly (cycling) or exotic (to ox cart).

Rent a car

To rent a car need international or national driver's license. The driver must be at least 22 years of age and have experience of driving at least three years.
In addition, the island has many bicycle rental - probably the most comfortable means of transport in island environments. However, two-wheeled friends themselves they often just is not enough for everyone.
Maximum speed in the city - 45 km / h, outside the settlements - 65 km / h and only on the main road to the airport is allowed to accelerate to insane 80 km / h.
Warning! Before you take a car, you have to think about it. Movement on the islands left hand, to the same - lots of mountain roads, the quality leaves much to be desired: travelers who do not have serious experience of such a complex driving will be much risk, sitting behind the wheel of a car. If you still want to travel the country on their own, and driving skills is not enough, it is better to bargain with the taxi driver and organize a study tour of the island - will cost is not too expensive.
If we hire a car in Seychelles, then let it be some jeep: it is best suitable for local roads. On the island of Mahe six gas stations. A blocked on Praslin three times less.
On the last Saturday of each month, people from all over Mahe come to Victoria to squander just received a salary. Therefore pandemonium these days is simply stunning (by local, of course, standards) - and on the sidewalks, and roads. And find parking in the city center these days is almost impossible.

Safety of tourists

Special immunizations are required. The country is completely safe: you can safely walk even at night - the natives are friendly, and the police does not sleep. But the basic safety measures still stick stands, beware of thieves and do not leave things unattended while bathing on the "wild" beaches. On the islands, hotels and tour does not threatened.
Tap water is suitable for consumption, but it is recommended to drink bottled water. Tourists should take with a means of indigestion, sunscreen and insect repellent.
Danger to bathers are sea urchins and some poisonous fish. Avoid unpleasant encounters with them can be choosing a safe place for swimming, in some cases it is advisable to wear special shoes for swimming.

Climate Seychelles

Tropical, very soft, without significant temperature fluctuations during the year. There is never neither too cold nor too hot. The average annual temperature +26 ... + 30 ° C. Rather, for the sake of accepted yet distinguish two seasons: a hot shareware (December - May) and conditionally cool (June - November), when the monsoons blow. During the "conditionally hot" season falls most of the annual precipitation, mainly in the mountainous islands of Mahé and Silhouette. The rainiest month is January. The rains are strong, but short-lived.

Season in the Seychelles

Warm season in the Seychelles is the period from November to March, when the winds blow from the northwest, and the cold season - from May to September, when the winds blow from the southeast. April and October are the "transition" between the two months of the monsoon season, when the wind direction is reversed.
In winter, the weather in the monsoon season usually warmer and rainy while in the summer - a dry and cool.


All municipal beaches, sand, in the form of small coves. Each hotel has its own stretch of beach, but not the fact that it will only sunbathing tourists from this hotel. Zontikiilezhaki - free of charge.

Hotels in Seychelles

At hotels in the Seychelles is no official classification of hotels, hotels and tour operators evaluate themselves, giving them conditional three, four or five "stars".
Hotel chain covers all major islands and small bungalows varying degrees of comfort take tourists on small coral islands. In this case, even the small hotels and lodges in the Seychelles can provide guaranteed service corresponding to all international standards.
Mains voltage 240 V, used British standard plug with three square plates. To connect Russian appliances need an adapter that you can ask at the reception.

Banks and exchange offices

Money at the official rate can be exchanged at banks or airport reverse exchange is made in any exchange office in the presence of the certificate of the initial exchange. Banks are usually open from 8:30 to 14:00 on weekdays, Saturdays - 11:00. Unlike most countries, traveler's checks in the Seychelles to exchange more profitable than cash. Many stores and souvenir shops accept payment in US dollars and euros. In hotels you can pay by credit card, the local currency, the dollar and the euro.
In the Seychelles, unlike most countries, traveler's checks to exchange more profitable than cash. Currency Exchange handheld prohibited and punishable by law.

Shopping and shops in the Seychelles

Large shopping centers and shops can be found only on Mahe. On the other islands - only small shops with friendly owners. Shops are open from 8:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays - 17:30. Some small shops, especially belonging to the Indians, working late into the evening.
As a gift, you can buy a nut "coco de mer" peculiar shape, liquor from or models of sailing ships made by local craftsmen. Also in stock - all the standard "souvenir" in the form of a set of t-shirts, hats, shawls and shells. In the capital's shops sell interesting jewelry made of pearls, and art galleries - paintings by local artists. Prices for souvenirs are higher than in other countries, and bargaining is not welcome. In general, shopping on the islands minimum - with the Seychelles brought mainly souvenirs, coconuts and tan.
"Coco de Mer" grows on the island of Praslin, in the same place and it is best to buy - the choice is wider, and the prices are lower. Cost - from 200 USD, be sure to note the presence of tax stamps. Generally, all exported "natural" souvenirs must obtain permission. As a rule, it is issued with a certificate of purchase through official channels - or, humanly speaking, the check.

Cuisine and restaurants

Most restaurants only accept orders until 22:00 pm, after this point the guests eat up what had ordered, and at best can only take another drink. And often at 22:00 restaurants just closed. Till late night work only bars.
The local cuisine is formed on the basis of traditional recipes of the islanders, but under the powerful influence of European, especially French, culinary traditions, while still a prominent Indian bias. The basis of the local Creole cuisine - seafood, rice, coconuts and curry, and the most popular dish Seychelles - "pvasonekdiri" (fish with rice). Also worth a try soup of sea shells tech-tech, ragout bat (brrr!), Steamed breadfruit, cooked bananas in the French manner "Saint-Jacques" pudding of bananas and coconuts as Kat.
The surrounding waters of the Seychelles usual thousand species of fish (and other fish), so submit Creole table without sea food is simply impossible. Especially popular baked fish-bourgeois, small crabs "trululu" lobster with lemon sauce, curry octopus in vegetables, "crab-giraffe" in coconut curry, as well as "Zurita" - octopus in coconut curry.
Typical local drinks - beer "Sabre", fermented coconut juice "feces" strong enough "tank" - fermented sugarcane juice, and lemon balm tincture "wee zitronel." In addition, the island imported a large number of first-class South African and French wines. The huge amount of used tea (black or vanilla), and entered into vogue in recent coffee imported from Ethiopia, Colombia and Yemen.

Wedding on the Seychelles

Wedding abroad is becoming more and more popular among honeymooners - more and more couples to conduct this ceremony choose some tropical island paradise, and the Seychelles with their pristine nature are perhaps the most suitable place for a romantic wedding. Wedding ceremony held in the Seychelles in the presence of the Registrar and in accordance with the law of the land. The ceremony can be held on any day other than weekends and holidays.

Entertainment, tours and attractions Seychelles

Historical "ekskursionka" Seychelles is present in minor amounts - but she, by and large, is not necessary. All the main attractions here - the only natural: white (and sometimes even pale pink!) Beaches, clear water, unique tropical nature, rocks of colored marble and a stunning underwater world. Service at the hotel, bungalows and lodges - always on the level. Aborigines - nice and friendly. Sunsets - fi, wave (where there are no strong currents) - always affectionate. As well as a fantastic (and it's not artistic exaggeration) underwater world.
Cousin Island, a nature reserve since 1968, is located two kilometers from the island of Praslin. It serves as home to several endangered species and breeding site for seabirds and turtles. Two of which, the old George and Dzheordzhina live here and often follow tourists in the hope that they pocheshut neck.
Prior to Bird Island can be reached in half an hour by plane from Mahe. The island is known as a haven of approximately 1.5 million black terns, living there from May to September. More here lives a giant tortoise Esmeralda (say, that it is already 150 years).
Curieuse Island, named for the ship, discovered it in 1768, is known for a large colony of giant tortoises and dense thickets of tropical plants. There is also a National Marine Park.
Aride Island is located just 15 km from Praslin. In 1973 it was bought for the Royal Society for Nature Conservation Christopher Cadbury, the British "chocolate" magnate. The island is the main "gathering place" of seabirds in the entire region and the world's largest refuge pink colonies of terns, fulmars and small Red-tropical birds. This is the only place on the planet where a lemon tree growing flowers that exude a lovely scent.
Marine National Park St. Anne consists of six small islands. The tour begins with them traveling on a boat with a transparent bottom that allows you to watch the motley life of coral reefs. Next, the path goes to the island Moyen, which is privately owned by a Mr. Grimshaw, a long time resident of the island and is still trying to find pirate treasure here. You can explore the island, see the pirate graves and historical ruins (and try to score Mr. Grimshaw tanks, having found the notorious treasure).
Lovers of nightlife may be disappointed: all the local entertainment represented by a pair of discos and casinos. On the island of Mahe in all three casinos: the hotel PlantationClub, BerjayaBeauVallon and recently opened, but has already become the best casinos in Victoria. With clubs - the same problem. They are not numerous, and often a little interesting. Pleasant exceptions: "Lovant Club" in the heart of Victoria, disco "Katiola" that looks like "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and rural disco 80-90s, very small "Club 369" and "Barrel" (or simply "Barrel") - cheap and cheerful restaurant, mainly from the local public. On the island of Praslin has a casino in the hotel LemuriaResort.
But on the islands throughout the year are many festivals and sporting events, the most famous among them - Large Regatta and Festival of Creole culture.


The best places to surf - Mahe and Praslin. In the north-west of Mahe is a beach of Grand Anse, the most popular among the "dosochnikov": waves there reach two meters. Other beaches of Mahe, suitable for surfing - Beau Vallon and Anse Bougainville. In general, the sea off the beaches of the eastern part of the island quieter than at its west.
The best season for surfing on the islands - from November to April, because in the summer months there can be dangerous because of too restless water.

Fishing in Seychelles

But the experienced fishermen say Seychelles aspirated. Here you can catch tuna, barracuda, tiger shark and mako shark. But the most coveted trophy - blue swordfish and blue marlin, whose weight may exceed 400 kg. Fishing is better to go early in the morning to catch the worm to dig up ... that is accessible to deep places where we need to first catch of small fish: it was her real lure prey. The best time for fishing - from October to April.

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