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Visa processing + hotel reservation - $ 37 per person.
Registration of a visa without hotel booking - $ 60 per person.
Decoration for women unaccompanied by men = $ 100 per person.
The visa provides:
Multiple entry into Singapore with the maximum length of stay in the country at each entry is 1 month.
To arrange a 60-day electronic visa to Singapore, you will need to attach the following documents to one of our forms:
  • Copy of the main page of the passport. Please make sure of the following:
  1. - The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of the proposed entry into Singapore.
  2. - In the passport there should be free space for visa stamps.
  • Scanned color photo. Please make sure of the following:
  1. - The photo should be made on a white monophonic background.
  2. - The person should be completely open (without glasses and hats).
  4. - The quality of the photo should be more high definition
  5. - Size of the face oval is 70-80% of the total size
  6. - Format Jpeg.
  7. - Printed, scanned images are not accepted. The photo must be of good quality and only in digital form.
  • - round-trip air tickets (redeemed, international and domestic air tickets)
  • - hotel reservation
  • - A completed application form
All copies of photographs and passports must be signed in Latin alphabet with the indication of the name and surname.
3-4 days is a standard visa for Singapore. If the visa does not reach the deadline, then immigration has deemed it necessary to detain the documents, and we are not responsible for the longer issuance of a visa to Singapore.
If you refuse to issue a visa, immigration does not indicate the reason for cancellation, and the amount for the visa is not refundable.
After a refusal, you can file an appeal. This takes 2-3 weeks. If the tourist did not have reasons for refusal, it is recommended to file an appeal.
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Singapore is an incredible combination of features of East and West
"Asia in miniature"
For many years decorates quay sculpture fabulous creature with a lion's head and a fish's tail, in whose honor and was named the island city-state of Singapore. In the evening on the waterfront grandiose laser-water-music show. Several thousand people are going to enjoy this view, after which the crowd applauded the organizers for a long time, and through them and the people of Singapore. For neatness, tranquility, security, and love for their city. Year-round summer. Therefore, lush tropical vegetation, highlighted by the sun on the background of bright blue sky, making Singapore incredibly scenic. The whole city is carefully groomed park. From what lawns everywhere regularly cut and sprayed, in the city no flies and other insects.
One of the most popular entertainment - visit Sentosa Island, which means "peace, tranquility." You can get here by car, ferry and monorail. The time spent here will be a period of amazing adventures, finds and discoveries. Combining entertainment with laughter and learning, Sentosa will open the secrets of nature, will tell about the history and people of Singapore, will show the wonders of computer technology and raise the veil in a fantasy world. In a small trailer you can drive around the entire island. The journey was fantastic: in the windows flashed the cliffs, green thickets of exotic plants. Once in the aquarium "Underwater", the tourist feels at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by a myriad of different fish, jellyfish and other marine life. All this is due to the fact that the person is in a glass tunnel. The island hour boils life. Here, everything is open 24 hours a day, from rides to restaurants. And they eat and the locals are eating at home is almost do not prepare. Considering that Singapore is multinational, and the cuisine is varied. There is also a conditional areas with the characteristic title: "China Town", "Little India", "Arab street", where you can see the typical churches, where some products can be purchased more cheaply in small shops. Surprisingly, it is on an equal footing, there are 4 official languages. It is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. But it increases its territory by reclamation program, that is, the coastal waters of the earth is filled with imported. And its port - one of the largest in the world. For the entertainment of tourists even port turned into a show of tower cranes. With the help of laser beams in the night sky appeared a couple of birds. Huge birds (cranes) begin to move and talk about their love for the gentle music. Tourists can also affect a huge area of ​​the Botanical Garden, which has a private park of Orchids "Mandai." Orchid - Singapore is one of the characters. It's a whole industry set for a wide industrial and scientific basis. In a small country of more than 350 parks and gardens. For nature lovers should visit «Gardens By The Bay», tropical bird park "Jurong", Singapore Zoo, which has even a night safari. Here is the biggest world center for the breeding of exotic fish. Very interesting theater "Esplanade", reminiscent of the shape of its fruit durian. There are performances of famous bands. For walking and shopping Clarke Quay is waiting for tourists all year round, day and night. Discover this amazing phenomenon called Singapore!
Prepared by the guide of the highest category Dilbar Abdunabieva.


Singapore dollar


The city-state in Southeast Asia, consisting of the main island, Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong, Sentosa and more than 60 tiny islands. The island is separated from the Singapore Malay Peninsula narrow Johor Strait (width of about 1 km.) In the northern part of connecting with Malaysia dam, which forms the highway. In the south it is separated from Indonesia, Singapore Strait, connecting the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.


Therefore, all the attractions that await tourists anyway, have an urban character: museums, amusement parks, shopping areas, architectural monuments, Business, Chinese, Indian, colonial neighborhoods, monuments of the Second World War, gardens and parks. The main tourist attractions are located in the three tourist centers of Singapore: CBD (Central Business District), Sentosa Island, Jurong. The government of Singapore is located on the 2 S Just two hundred miles of the equator on the island of Singapore, is 3/4 of the country, Sentosa Island, as well as on hundreds of islands around nebolshoy.
CBD (Central Business District) - it is the heart of the city, is the center of it. This central area includes the colonial, Chinese and business district, the main shopping street of Orchard Road (Orchard Road), revelry neighborhoods with hundreds of restaurants and cafes - Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. Here are the most popular and luxurious hotels.
The structure `Chijmes` (chimes) - a former monastery and a part of the national heritage of Singapore. Here you can eat well, go shopping and have a good time. The chapel chimes `Holl` arranged concert evenings, and theatrical performances.
`Lau Pa Sat` - the largest in Southeast Asia Victorian structure, made of cast iron. The building is located in the heart of the business district and is a favorite meeting place.
The park `Merlion` is an interesting sculpture that is half fish, half - day lion. It is a symbol of Singapore. `Raffls` Hotel, built in 1886, has always been a favorite place of solitude famous writers and film actors, is also the birthplace of the cocktail` Sling` Singapore. Complete modernization at a cost of 160 million Singapore dollars. Arcade adjacent to the hotel with shops, boutiques, museums and theaters. The statue of the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, located in front of Victoria Theatre and a copy - not far from the marina `North Boat` where tradition Raffles first entered the land of Singapore.

The country's history

The first mention of Singapore are Chinese chronicles III century. The island was a stronghold of the Srivijaya Empire, the center of Sumatra, and wore Javanese name Temasek. Temasek in some time been an important trading center, but later fell into decay. There is very little evidence about the city Temasek except for some archaeological finds.

In XV-XVI centuries, Singapore was part of the Sultanate of Johor. During the Malay-Portugal wars in 1617 Singapore attacked by Portuguese troops. In 1819 Sir Raffles, a representative of the British East India Company, signed an agreement with the Sultan of Johor on the organization in Singapore shopping area with a resolution of immigration of different ethnic groups. In 1867, Singapore became a colony of the British Empire, the British gave great importance to Singapore as an important reference point on the way to China.

During World War II, Japan occupied Malaysia and won the battle for Singapore, which the British lost unprepared, despite significant superiority in manpower, February 15, 1942 Singapore moved to Japan until Japan's defeat in September 1945. Since 1959, Singapore became a self-governing colony, Lee Kuan Yew served as prime minister after the election. In 1963 a referendum Singapore joined the Federation of Malaya, along with the states of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. August 7, 1965 as a result of conflict, Singapore was expelled from the Federation of Malaya, August 9, 1965, and received formal independence.

From 1959 to 1990, during the reign of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore, deprived of resources could solve many internal problems and has made the leap from third world countries to developed country with high living standards. 10 August 2004 63-year-old Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chok Tong, who held the post of the past 14 years, has submitted a formal resignation to the president of the republic SR Nathan. The government headed by 52-year-old Lee Hsien Loong - the eldest son of Singapore's founder, Lee Kuan Yew He also left the post of finance minister. Himself 80-year-old Lee Kuan Yew, who served as a senior minister after his departure from the government, will now simply adviser to the government, which is headed by his son.

Getting there

`Transaero` flying to Singapore twice a week (10-13 hours), Singapore Airlines - three times a week with a stopover in Dubai (14 hours). A number of Asian and some European airlines offer flights with change in other countries, are optimal in terms of `price-offers are kachestvo` Emirates and Qatar Airways.

To get to Singapore, you can use airports in neighboring countries - Malaysia and Thailand. From there you can get to Singapore by train or local budget airlines. In the off-season to low cost airlines flight between Thailand and Singapore will cost only $ 40-50 in both directions.


The climate is tropical. North - east monsoon blows from December to March, the south - east - from June to September, during this period unaccustomed to the heat Europeans breathe easier. In between the monsoon in April - May and October - November, there are often short-term and heavy showers and thunder storms often. Vypodaet high rainfall, about 2500 ml per year. The first sensation experienced by tourists to set foot on the land of Singapore: a thin wet film envelops from head to toe. Humidity here is 99%, you should pay attention to this when choosing clothes.

Credit cards

Credit cards have the widest distribution, and are the primary means of payment. Singapore even plans to soon go to pay for goods and services only on non-cash means of payment. In all establishments accept American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa, as well as maps of local banks. Maps can pay even in the taxi, but find better payment terms to landing, usually when paying by credit card will be charged a taxi additional commission of 10% of the fare.


Since the indigenous Malay population in Singapore is only a small percentage, and the majority - Chinese, Indian and Arab immigrants, it is difficult to talk about specific Singaporean culture. However, you can select and Eurasian Singaporeans perankanov (descendants of Chinese immigrants and their Malay wives).

But successful national situation has led to the diffusion of different cultures, and in a short time there was inherent only to Singapore identity. Through the embedded English language school also bought a street form - the so-called "singlish" to which you can add more mixed Malay-English Manglish. Nevertheless, Singapore literature and official agencies are trying to use the classic English. In Singapore, many ethnic areas such as Little India ("little India") and "Chinatown." Regions have emerged as a result of the plan Raffles adaptation of new immigrants across national ghettos. Now these areas have lost their former significance, but are cultural centers that also sell national products and operate the national restaurants.

The government strictly monitors the observance of the principle of tolerance, including religious freedom. In Singapore, there are several Hindu temples, Buddhist and Taoist temples, mosques and Christian churches. Present and unorthodox religious groups. The cosmopolitan orientation Singaporean culture has led to a variety of arts, music and theater. In 2003, Singapore was built and opened a new theater "Esplanade" on a large number of seats, which hosts plays and performances.


Maritime Museum - here visitors learn about the history of shipbuilding since ancient times. Primitive fishing boats side by side with models of modern ships. Singapore - one of the largest ports in the world. And confirmation of this - the museum exposition, which presents a rich collection of historical models of ships and boats in real life-size collection of rare nautical charts, photos, navigation equipment. Wax Museum - dedicated to the discoverers of this paradise. Sentosa history from ancient times to the British Raj is represented in the people.

Museum of rare stones, coral reefs and demonstrates the beauty and mystery of the underwater world. Exhibit `` Lost tsivilizatsii` and destroyed gorod` will be especially interesting for children and adolescents.


230 В
50 Гц


It is recommended to bring light summer clothes. Do not visit places of worship in the clothes, which may seem a believer calling.

Food and water

Tap water is safe to drink. Food of the highest quality.


Singapore - a paradise for shoppers. Here you can buy relatively inexpensive, but high-quality products. In general, foreigners are buying electronics, textiles, perfumes, cosmetics and orchid. The only problem - to buy anything from clothes large size and growth.

Behavior rules

Smoking is prohibited in all public places where both are more than five people, including places outdoors. For smoking in the wrong place relies a fine of 1,000 SGD.

Large fines are levied for crossing the street in the wrong place, for littering the territory, even if you just missed by urns for spitting in the street, as well as for when you forget to wash behind a public toilet. Chewing gum generally outlawed, you can only buy it at the pharmacy on prescription. Drug use is punishable by lengthy prison terms, and their import and sale - the death penalty without appeal. For foreigners, in most cases they violate local regulations are quite lenient, but repeated offense or apparent unwillingness to respect the local laws could end very badly.


January 1 - New Year.
January-February - Chunjie (Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year).
December to March - the Muslim holiday of Hari Raya Haji (Feast of Sacrifice) and Hari Raya Puasa, (the end of Ramadan, April-May).
April-May - Good Friday and Easter.
May 1 - Labour Day.
May 6 - Wesak (Buddha's birthday).
August 9 - Day of Republic.
October-November - Deepavali (Diwali, the festival of lights).
December 25 - Christmas.

Nature and animals

Wet equatorial forests have remained only in the central part, where arranged Nature Reserve Bukit Timah, the rest of the equatorial forests are reduced. Mangrove forests are found in the northern part of the islands and Singapore Ubin. Most of the territory is occupied by secondary vegetation of tropical ornamental - royal palm Bougainville.

The fauna is represented by anteaters, cicadas, flying lizards, monkeys, crocodiles. Arable land occupies about 1.5% of the country.


The country has developed the production of electronics (as many famous European, American, Japanese companies, and Singapore, such as Flextronics), shipbuilding.


More than 42% of Singapore's population are Buddhist, 15% - 14% and Islam - Christianity. Also widespread are Hinduism, Confucianism and Taoism. A significant part of Singaporeans, especially among the educated people are atheists.

Health Risks

In Singapore, there is the vast majority of tropical diseases, with rare exceptions when there is a disease outbreak of dengue fever.

Sanitary norms

No special immunizations are required to stay in Singapore. It is recommended to observe elementary sanitary norms and standards of hygiene.


Singapore is associated with almost all countries of the world through its own modern telecommunications network and postal service. The two satellites provide high-quality communication with fifty countries. Through a system of international direct dialing or via the operator can be contacted with 170 countries. The fee is charged for the call at the rate of 4.5 Singapore call from a payphone paid ten-cent monetami.Osuschestvlyayutsya service delivery of letters, documents, parcels


Souvenirs from gems, pieces of jasper, agate, jade

Customs regulations

The import of drugs, psychotropic drugs, firecrackers, lighters in the form of weapons, toy coins and banknotes, pornographic literature and videotapes, meat and meat products. To export from the country of weapons, explosives, animals, poisons, drugs, gems and jewelery (in quantities exceeding personal needs) require a permit.

With passengers departing on an international flight, charged airfield collection of 12 US $. Tax is not levied on passengers who do not leave the transit zone, and children under the age of 2 years. The certificate of vaccination is required. Baggage Allowance - 20kg. Over - surcharge for 1 kg. weight customs control.

Dialing code

+8-10-65 (area code + telephone.)


Currently, Singaporeans have terrific transport system, consisting of both subway suspended highways, lightweight railway and buses and taxis, which virtually eliminates these painfully familiar traffic jams. First and foremost is the Singapore-speed mass transit - modern trains have air-conditioned routes throughout the city. Cheap. Maps can be bought at any store. Intervals between trains - from 3 to 8 minutes. There are also buses. Taxi. Trolley buses. You can also rent a car.


For a trip to Singapore is suitable any time of year. Early in the winter, you can watch the povesilitsya and local holidays. In July, are major sales and food festivals. During the year, notes cosmopolitan Singapore lots of different holidays. At the beginning of winter Chinatown never sleeps, celebrating the Chinese New Year. During Ramadan in the Arab quarter of the evening appear trays with oriental sweets. Bustling three-day festival of Hari Raya Puasa ends the holy month of Muslims. In mid-spring believers released into the wild bird, marking the onset of the Buddhist Vesak festival. In May or June, you can watch the Dragon Boat Festival, during which takes place in the Bay Marina great regatta. In September, the streets of Singapore Chinese Opera actors appear who take part in the ceremony dedicated to Ghost Festival. In October, it takes an interesting Hindu festival of Thaipusam, banned in India because of its masochistic slope

Festivals Exhibitions

The most colorful and picturesque national festival is a celebration of the Chinese New Year and the Hindu Thaipusam celebrations Ponggal (February), Spring Festival Hougang (end of February), Birthday God-Child (Third Birthday Prince, May 1), the spring festival Kin Ming, Dragon Boat Festival (May-June), Chinese hungry ghost festival (July), Birthday Monkey God (September) Festival Lunar cookies or Mid-Autumn Festival (September), a nine-day festival Navaratiri (October), the festival of the temple Chettar (festival Indian classical dance and music), and the ceremony of purification by fire Timiti (October), the festival of Nine divine emperor (October-November) and most important Hindu holiday of the country - Deepavali (November-December).

In secular events are the most interesting famous festival of national cuisine festival food or Singapore (July), the Spring Festival City (January-February), the Singapore Fashion Festival (beginning of March - the end of April) and the Singapore Festival of jewelry (September-October).


Flag of Singapore consists of two equal horizontal stripes: red top and white bottom. Red symbolizes universal brotherhood and equality of man, while white - purity and virtue. In the top left corner depicts white crescent, which is located near the five stars, forming a circle. The crescent symbolizes the young, growing nation, and five stars - Singapore's ideals: democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.


The size of the tip of 5-10% of the bill, if the percentage is not included in the check


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