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Documents required for visa:
Persons residing in Uzbekistanezhelayuschie get an entry tourist visa to Cyprus, not to exceed 90 days, must appear in person in advance of the visa office of the Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus and to submit the following documents:

Documents drawn tourists:
         1. Passport and copy of passport valid for travel abroad, which expires no later than three months after the expiry of the requested visa.
         2. About one and a photo. Each graph questionnaires filled in Russian or in English block letters. Note: An applicant is responsible for providing incorrect or incomplete information!
         3. Documents relating to the applicant's place of work.
for employees:
- Statement by the employer, which should be the date of adoption of this ukazany- person for the job, position, salary;
- Work book and a copy of the labor knizhki.Dlya independent workers (owners of companies, as well as persons engaged in private professional activities):
- The act of incorporation and certificate of occupancy of private professional activities;
- Documents on the current activities (most recent quarterly report submitted in GORSTAT or tax office confirming the payment of taxes for the last three months).
for students:
- Certificate from the study;
- Certificate of employment of parents indicating the position and salary (if the applicant is under the care of his parents).
for pensioners:
- Pension book and its copy.

          4. Evidence of financial capability:
- Information on the availability of real estate, rent, or other sources of income;
- Bank statements (or their own companies owned by the applicant);
- Income certificate or a certificate of payment of tax balance sheet.

          5.Minimalnaya amount required to stay in Cyprus, shall not be less than 60 euros per day per person. The sum is provided according to the latest statistics. If a guest does not have its own means, the inviting party must conclude its name warranty insurance policy or issue a bank guarantee for the minimum amount possible in accordance with the above calculation.
          6.Spravka of family members.
          7.Meditsinskaya Insurance valid for all Schengen states.
          8.Dokument confirming the availability of accommodation in Cyprus - hotel booking or an application for a property by a private person specified in the invitation or document proving ownership of property in Cyprus.

Documents drawn tur.firmoy:
Travel voucher in the original, and the dates of entry and exit locations and living conditions.
Copy of round trip air ticket or booking airfare.

Letter to the Consul.
Term visas: 2 to 5 working days.
Consular fee is 40 US $.

Consulate of Cyprus in Uzbekistan
Address: ul. Rakatboshi, 15 / 2-1, Tashkent
Phone: (+998 71) 252-35-40, 256-47-55, 252-78-77
Fax: (+998 71) 252-78-77
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Perhaps the most adequate assessment of the Cyprus Tourism will be: "a strong Mediterranean horoshist." That is, it is quite typical direction of a beach holiday, without any striking or unique "chips", but without major drawbacks (unless, of course, is not added to those of high prices). On the island of the mild climate, the service at the hotel - quite adequate to their level, and the beaches - very clean, with lots of "Blue Flag" - so tours in Cyprus are more than popular among travelers.
The predominant character of the rest - a respectable and decent in all respects, without gulyanok drunk all night disco and intoxication.

Visa for Cyprus

Nicosia (Nicosia). Major cities (they Resorts) - Limassol (Limassol), Larnaka (Larnaca), Pafos (Paphos), Ayia Napa (Ayia Napa), Protaras (Protaras), Polis (Polis).
Ski Resort (aka Nature Reserve) - Troodos Mountains.

Getting to Cyprus

Regular flights Tashkent Moscow - Larnaca perform "regular Aeroflot flight from Moscow - Paphos performs" Transaero ". Duration pereleta- okolo8,5 hours


Restrictions on the import and export of currency, traveler's checks, credit cards and other payment documents not. Cash amounts in excess of EUR 10 000 to be declared. Duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, liters of spirits or 2 liters of alcoholic beverages with up to 22 °, 250 grams of perfume. The import of parrots, fruit and fresh flowers, as well as any weapon (including gas), drugs and hazardous chemicals.
Prohibited the rise of archaeological treasures from the seabed or their removal from the territory of Cyprus without the prior permission of the Director of the Department of Antiquities.


In the northern part of Cyprus Intercity buses run daily, and they are many. The fare is also pleased: vsego1,5 EUR 50 kilometers. But in the Greek part of the island in this regard is far from being so well: between the cities go just about 5 buses a day, and in a small village - only 1-2 cars. On Sundays, the buses do not go at all. The fare at the same time - 6 EUR per 50 km.
In large cities, there are municipal buses and minibuses. While driving - from 6:00 to midnight, in the off-season - until 19:00, on the Greek side - 17:00. On Saturdays, buses run before lunch on Sundays also have their drivers legal holiday. Local analog minibuses will cost twice as expensive than the bus fare. In airports (and, of course, there) bus do not go - this piece of the market completely farmed out to the taxi drivers, individuals.
Taxis can be stopped on the street, call through the manager of the hotel, as well as by phone from any store or restaurant. There are two rates: day (operates from 6:00 to 20:30) and night (20:30 to 6:00, more expensive by 15%), the tariff for the carriage of baggage on time of day does not. If you hired a taxi for sightseeing, should agree in advance with the driver about the amount of payment.

Rent a car in Cyprus
To rent a car you must be at least 25 and no older than 70 years old and have a driving experience not less than three years (in private rolling offices, these requirements are often reduced to 18 - 70 years and two years of experience). When renting a car for a week provided unlimited mileage, but the payment does not include insurance, VAT (15%) and the cost of a full tank of gasoline. But the machine can easily return empty. The average cost of rent - 35 EUR, in the Turkish part of the island cheaper.
Left-hand movement in the country. Use of seat belts is compulsory and for the driver and passengers in all seats. The maximum speed on the highway - 100 km / h in the city - 50 km / h.
Move to the rental car between two different parts of Cyprus (the Turkish and Greek) prohibited.

Safety of tourists

The country is safe. If desired, even without far-reaching consequences of gastrointestinal drink tap water in hotels, restaurants and public areas. And smokers should be aware that Cyprus has one of the strictest in the EU rules on smoking in public places.

Climate Cyprus

Climate Cyprus - moderate, with plenty of sunny days throughout the year. Winter is very short and mild, the average temperature of +17 to +19 ° C, and in the highlands of winter the thermometer drops a few degrees below zero and the snow falls. Summer is hot, lasts from mid-May to mid-October. During this period, the temperature may rise up to +35 ° C in the shade, but because of the low moisture heat is easy.
Average water temperature off the coast of Cyprus in July +23 ° C, in February (the coldest month) +14 ° C, the swimming season is open almost all year round.


The best beaches in Cyprus - Ayia Napa and Protaras. One of the most picturesque - Nissi Beach, with an island off the coast and beleyshim sand. Well known and popular Sandy Bay and the "namesake" Bulgarian resort of Golden Sands. Stands somewhat apart a beautiful pebble beach in Petra tou Romiou. A beach is considered to be the main place Makronisoc hangouts "golden youth".
"Ladies Mile", the longest beach on the island, located to the west of Limassol and is very popular with locals. To the east of Limassol there is a second popular beach, "Governor", which usually take place all beach parties. And between Limassol and Paphos Aphrodite is the famous beach - the birthplace of the goddess of love. The beach is small, pebble. During the season he regularly fills large number of tourists, as part of the guided tour.
Suitable for many occasions saying "The Devil in the details" may come to mind when you start to delve into the details of the Greek myths. For instance, a beautiful legend about the birth of Aphrodite "from the sea foam", which pleased operate in Cyprus (and even proud to show tourists stretch of coast where it actually happened) is proving to be a very grim story. Thus, according to the ancient Greek poet Hesiod songwriter, the goddess was born for a reason, but from the semen and blood Cronus castrated Uranus that fell into the sea and formed a snow-white foam. The second version is not so cruel, but also quite physiological: Aphrodite emerged from the sea got the seed of Zeus. These ancient Greeks - such inventors!
The most popular beaches in Larnaca - is Mackenzie Phinikoudes and the newly opened beach Cyprus Tourism Organization.
Many hotels in Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos offer beach equipment to its guests free of charge, but in Protaras and Ayia Napa this option - a rare exception. All municipal beaches, beach equipment (sunbeds, umbrellas) are usually paid (2,5 EUR per item).

Hotels in Cyprus

There are hotels of all categories: from the apartment to the "fives", with even 2 * will be a decent level and with air conditioning (but the apartment air conditioning, usually an additional fee). On the "reception" often have Russian speaking staff.
Typically, the food in the hotel - breakfast. In 2 * - Continental and institutions in 3 * -5 * - "buffet". More hotel offers half-board with the ability to choose lunch or dinner. Many hotels 2 * -4 * began to offer a system of "all inclusive", as at the moment there are 3 hotels 5 * working on an "all inclusive". Almost all the hotels of the island are located on the first line.
Animation as such in the hotel there, not counting the theme nights, children's animation and live music in the evenings in hotels 3-5 *.
Electricity: 240 V, 50 Hz. Three-phase sockets, adapters are needed. Most hotels have adapters are available at the reception, leaving a deposit - or just buy it in the shop.
The higher the category of the hotel, the more likely that it will have its own beach, and the farther it from the city center, the greater its beach strip. Almost all the hotels of the island are located on the first line. Winter in Cyprus continue to work, not all hotels - but those who are "in service", offers its guests indoor swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts - as compensation for the summer beach fun.

Treatment in Cyprus

In recent years, Cyprus intensively developed thalassotherapy, and a number of five-star hotels in Limassol and Paphos open SPA-center.
The main program thalasso centers at hotels, "anti-stress", toning, treatment severity feet, weight control programs for men and women, programs for young mothers, "cellulite", program beauty treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatism, and so. D.
The most complete package of services have hotels: LeMeridien SPA & Resort 5 *, FourSeasons 5 *, AmathusBeach 5 * in Limassol and 5 * Elysium in Paphos.
Anassa Hotel 5 * in Paphos offers a more unconventional treatments for face and body, such as seaweed wraps and mud baths, massages, reflexology, "Shiatsu" and aromatherapy.
St. Raphael 5 *, Miramare 4 * in Limassol, AdamsBeach 5 * in Ayia Napa, IntercontinentalAphroditeHillsResort 5 * and 5 * Annabelle in Paphos has a small but well-equipped wellness center with elements of thalassotherapy.
In hotels and, accordingly, SPA-center of Limassol have English speaking staff and book treatment programs out there it makes sense in advance. Prices for identical services in the SPA-centers hotels one category may differ significantly.

Shopping & Stores

From October to April, shops are open from 8:00 to 18:00 (lunch break from 13:00 to 15:00), and on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon and did close. On Sundays stores usually do not work.
Cyprus wines and liqueurs driven, sweet dessert wine "Commandaria" (or "Namasskoe wine"), which is better to buy in the monastery Kykkos on Troodos, lace and silver handicrafts, paintings, leather goods, expensive jewelry original design coats. "Commandaria" is of several types, but the best is considered CommandariaSt. John with a black label.
Popular souvenirs: statue of Aphrodite, models of ships and dolls in national costumes. Even Cyprus is famous for its lace and silver handicrafts, as well as leather goods, expensive jewelry original design.
Lovers of culinary delights can be brought from Cyprus goat cheese "halloumi" (convenient to carry), Cypriot sweetness (delight, halva, "sudzukos" - almond grain in grape molasses, etc.).

Kitchen and dining Cyprus

The island is mostly "reigns" Greek cuisine differs from the mainland version of the more active use of seafood. In addition, based on the Cypriot cuisine - meat and vegetable dishes, and main "culinary attraction" of the island serves as a meze: business lunch, including a 20-30 dishes. Submission meze dishes begins with appetizers, salads and vegetables and ends meat and fish dishes, and in every tavern set of these dishes is different.
Particularly noteworthy dishes from the famous Cypriot cheese "feta" and "halloumi", as well as green walnuts in syrup. Do not forget the Cypriot wines, spirits and liqueurs, of which the island - in abundance. Beer lovers can recommend foamy drink two local brands - "Keo" and "Carlsberg".
In hotels and restaurants usually included in the expense of 10% service charge. Therefore, tipping in Cyprus are optional, but change is always accepted with gratitude.
Its tranquil evening Cypriot holidaymakers surely brighten grape moonshine "zivania", the alcohol content of which can reach up to 80 °. However, you can bring home only memories of his tasting: exports from Cyprus beverages with more than 50 ° is prohibited.

Entertainment, tours and attractions in Cyprus

It is worth visiting the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, all major attractions which are collected in the old quarter of the city. This Byzantine church and the church Hrisalinotissa Tripiotis the famous iconostasis, Archbishop's Palace, the Cathedral of St. John's Gate Famagusta and Venetian Walls. From museums interesting Leventis Museum, jewelry, Byzantine Museum, the Museum of National Resistance, Folk Art Museum and Art Gallery.
In the village there is a farm Aher "Park ostriches." The Akamas Peninsula are the ruins of ancient cities and Morion Avagos, the monastery of Agios Georgios, a territory located to the south of the Gulf of Lara Beach was chosen by the green and Platysternidae. It is also worth a visit "Baths of Aphrodite", not far from the Bay Laci.
In the Turkish part of the island worth visiting Kyrenia and Famagusta, where the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and, again, the Venetian Walls.
Amathus - one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, the ruins of which are located on the beach, 5 km east of Limassol. Modern archaeologists have found an early Christian basilica here era, the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the ruins of the baths and water conduits system - of course, their time, they say, has not spared, but even in this form they appear.
No less ancient Kourion was one of the largest cities of the island. To this day there are preserved Roman baths and the rich houses, the Sanctuary of Apollo Hilatskogo, the ancient theater and numerous mosaics. Troodos Mountains - Nature Reserve and the ski resort. There are also numerous churches and monasteries, some of which are included in the list of UNESCO world cultural values and are under state protection.

Attractions Cyprus.

Tombs of the Kings Tombs of the Kings - it's not just the graves of 2 by 2 meters. In the underground necropolis burial takes every few hundred meters. The area is fenced, and the entrance here for an extra charge. Local residents began to bury their kings at this point in the 3rd century BC and deal with it 6 centuries 

Archbishop's Palace Nicosia, Cyprus

The majestic building that is considered the most beautiful in Cyprus, was built in 1955-1960 years. This is a wonderful imitation of Renaissance palaces. In front of him was erected a monument to Archbishop Makarios III. At the palace, there are several museums.

Kolossi Castle Kolossi, Cyprus

One of the most famous castles of Cyprus, which is located 10 km west of Limassol. The castle was erected from yellowish limestone in the early 13th century by order of King Kingdom of Jerusalem. A fine example of medieval military architecture, it was rebuilt again in the middle of the 15th century, when, and acquired a modern look.

Baths of Aphrodite Road To Fontana Amoroza, Neo Chorio

Near Paphos there is a place where, according to legend, Aphrodite had a good time with her lover Dionysus and other great men. To the pool can only be reached on foot. It was believed that Aphrodite used to bathe in the shade of a fig tree and fern. The water in the pool like grants eternal youth.

Ayia Napa Monastery Grigori Afxentiou

In the middle of the patio is "Fountain House" precious marble, where they buried founder of the monastery, in addition, many tourists are attracted located in the same chapel. Special attention should be paid the same veil transferred Jesus Christ of Veronica, when he came to Calvary.

Bay Fig Tree
Valley of windmills in Protaras
plant Keo
Historical Museum of Protaras
Cyprus Museum
Limassol castle

Day at the beach - paragliding, speed skiing, motor boating, water skiing, pleasure boats, windsurfing, pedal boats, canoes, banana boating, mini cruises to glass-bottom boat cruises around the island. Good news for fans of diving on the island is full of diving centers.

Fun for adults and children - water park, dolphin, aquarium, "the show of dancing fountains." A Paphos Golf appreciate even the professionals of the sport. In addition to golf, Cyprus is another popular option aristocratic pastime - horseback riding. Riding clubs can be found in any area of the island.

At night you can visit the discos and nightclubs. In the resort areas of Cyprus opened many bars to suit all tastes, from lively, with the deafening music, to cozy, romantic atmosphere.
The best time to water sports - early in the morning when the sea is calm.


All three Cypriot golf courses are located in Paphos. In these clubs allowed players with a handicap of no worse than 28 (men) or 36 (women), as well as newcomers - subject to additional conditions. For the latter, there are training courses.

TsadaGolfClub - the first golf course opened on the island, 18-hole course (9 + 9) and with a total length of 6060 meters. Golf SecretValley 18 holes (9 + 9) has a total length of 6120 meters and is rather complicated even for experienced players.

AphroditeHills - a major center, which combines not only the 18-hole course, and tennis academy, health and beauty center, a tourist village with luxury villas, shops and restaurants, as well as hotel InterContinentalResort.

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