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Documents required to obtain a tourist visa to India for up to 6 months: 
  • 2 color photos (5/5); 
  • Valid passport with visa oVIRa (on residency - official stamp); 
  • Duly completed on all items online anketahttp: // to the questionnaire attached digital photographs of the applicant; 
  • Employment history, and TIN; 
  • Bank guarantee on the financial status of the Applicant (on account with min. 2,000 USD); 
  • Copy of round trip air ticket; 
  • Women aged 16 to 46 years old must provide a notarized authorization from both parents to travel to India; 
  • Minors traveling on vacation with my parents, have to be entered in the passport and visa oVIRa one parent; 
  • A completed application form with a photo for each child traveling with parents; 
  • Business card of the applicant. 
Documents drawn tur.firmoy: 
  • Invitation from India; 
  • Guarantee letter from the company on the return of tourists within a specified time. 
Receipt of documentation: every day from 10.00 to 12.00, except Saturday and Sunday. 
Time of issuance: every day from 16.30 to 17.00, except Saturday and Sunday. 
Term visas: 3 working days. 
Size of the consular fee is 40 + US $ 3 and paid by tourists at the Embassy. 
Visa for children is paid in full from 43 US $. 
On September 1, 2012 at the Embassy of the personal presence during a passport is mandatory.
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The country of dreams.

Mark Twain, who visited India, wrote: "India - this is truly a country of dreams, it's a saga about the fabulous luxury and incredible poverty, splendor and rags, palaces and hovels. It is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, mother of history, legends, grandmother, great grandmother of tradition. This is the land, which would like to see everything. "
Among the wonders of the capital city worthy of much admiration iron pillar in Delhi. This metal pole weighing six tons of old open rain and wind. But rust has not yet been touched by iron, smelted and a half thousand years ago. So immortalized his skills ancient Indian metallurgists! According to legend, if you stand back to the post and clasp his hands back so that your fingers touch each other, then our plans will come true. In turn, to the post are old and small. Those whose hands can not reach each other, are subject to a voluntary "help" the young Indians, who are happy and mercilessly pulled by the hand of tourists, helping them link up. However, for their service, they immediately begin to ask for a fee. They often speak, using gestures, as they are sometimes difficult to understand. In India there are more than 800 languages ​​and dialects. Very often this language diversity can be found in Agra - the ancient capital of the Mughals. That there is the main attraction of the country - the world famous historical monument Taj Mahal. It affects their white marble and mosaic made of colored precious and semi-precious stones. One of the poets called it "white dream, frozen over the water." The plans of the creators of this masterpiece was the construction of the river exactly the same mausoleum, but in black marble. However, this did not come true.
On the streets you can often see kids holding on a leash monkey, dressed in skirts, caps. As soon as the kids see a tourist, he immediately begins a mini representation of a rattle drum beats and whistles. Animals jump, whirl, mimicking singing and dancing. Of course, for a fee. Therefore, going for a walk, it is desirable to have a small change coins. These coins will be needed and the descent to the river Ganges, which is one of the symbols of India. It is called the "ten washes away sins," and, according to legend, it brings happiness to a hundred times more than a thousand horse sacrifices rites. You can leave coins, and in the temples, which are so much in the country. Some temples are not only architectural structure, as sculpture statue. By plane from Delhi you can go to the only village in the world, which daily fly domestic and international airliners. In the village of Khajuraho preserved ancient temples with erotic sculptures religious. "Temples of sensuality" - a lucrative lure for tourist agencies. On the bas-reliefs - Battle, the game beauties preparing for a date, beckoning figures of women and erotic scenes. Tourists do not cease to be surprised how freely and boldly combined architects who lived a thousand years ago, a variety of styles and elements. Tourists are welcome here. They welcome the traditional "namaste" (folded palms together), which means "do I serve thee, man, a particle of humanity." India is not just a hot country. In any city, besides dust, and many more exhaust. It is therefore desirable to have a gauze bandage or a scarf to cover his face and hair. Do not forget that the movement in this country the left. In the streets, you can often encounter humpback bulls or cows. This sacred animals in India. They were forbidden not only to kill, but also to "offend", waving and shouting at them. Particular attention is paid Indians floral compositions and flavoring premises. The same flavor and at the airport, when the friendly voice of a flight attendant will inform about the arrival: "Welcome to Delhi". Welcome to the land of dreams!
Prepared by the guide of the highest category Dilbar Abdunabieva.

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