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1. The passport is not older than 10 years, valid not less than 3 months after the expiration of the visa, with two adjacent unoccupied pages. Outbound visa (OVIR). Photocopies of the first page of the passport data, inclusive of the OVIR. If available: copies of visas of Schengen countries, UK, USA (if they are in the old passport without the possibility of providing a copy, indicate approximate dates of stay in these countries).
2. The document on related relations in Uzbekistan (the original passport of the husband / wife and children (in the absence of a passport: birth certificates of children), as well as certificates of marriage, etc.
3. Correctly, legibly and completely filled in Latin letters application form (questionnaire).
4. Actual 1 biometric photograph of the passport format on a white background (it is necessary to paste it on the form).
5. Medical insurance with a corridor: 15 calendar days from the date of return with a photocopy, as well as with the provision of the original check for payment of insurance.
6. Booking a ticket or air ticket with an airline stamp with a photocopy.
7. Sources of travel financing:
Plastic card / and in convertible currency, as well as a certificate from the bank in which this card is opened on the state of funds on this card (along with its photocopy);
Original bank statement on the flow of funds on a plastic card for the last THREE MONTHS.
8. Documents from the place of work:
1. Certificate from the place of employment on the letterhead about the position held;
2. Help / extract from the order / confirmation of the employer about the granting of leave (with obligatory indication of the dates of vacation: from which date and by what number);
3. Certificate from the place of work on wages in the course of the last year (at the time of filing the documents, the last 12 calendar months).
4. Copy of the work record (IMPORTANT - all pages with the seal "COPYRIGHT" are on each page, and also take the original with the interview);
9. The owners of the companies / founders: documents of the company (charter, constituent agreement, registration in the khokimiyat, license), as well as a certificate of dividends received for the last calendar year.
10. Pensioners: a pension book with a photocopy.
11. Students and students: confirmation of the educational institution of studies and, if the trip during study, the permission of the educational institution (indicating the date of travel from which date and by what number). If the trip takes place during the holidays - confirmation that at this time the vacation (from which date and by what number).
12. The applicants are currently unemployed, providing a certificate from the mahalla (with a simple translation into Russian), indicating their place of residence about their status and material security: they depend on who they depend on.
13. In case of accompanying a child only by one of the parents, the consent of the second parent for the child's departure abroad is required in the following form (in duplicate):
a notarized agreement or in the event that the second parent has died or is deprived of the rights to the child - a death certificate or a court decision (original or notarized copy).
In case of accompanying a child not by parents:
a notarized authorization from both parents to take the child abroad for the name of the accompanying person.
14. All children applying for, regardless of age, must have their own biometric passport.
15 Inn
All of the above documents are required for submission at the embassy and must be in Russian or English, documents in the Uzbek language are not accepted at the embassy.
List of required personal data:
1. In case the applicant is a woman, indicate a maiden name.
2. Home address of all applicants with mandatory indication of home and cell phone.
The procedure for issuing a short-term Schengen visa is regulated by Decree of the European Parliament No. 810/2009 as of June 13, 2009 - the visa code. The procedure for examining the application for the issuance of a short-term Schengen visa is within the competence of the consulates and embassies of the Czech Republic, that is, the diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic are authorized to make a decision on issuing a visa at the airport and a visa for 90 days.
Laws, however, do not guarantee the applicant the issuance of a visa, even if all the required conditions are met. The applicant, who was refused the visa, upon request will receive a written explanation of the reasons for the refusal within the framework of the European Parliament's Decree No. 810/2009 as of June 13, 2009 (short-term Schengen visa).
Against denial of a short-term Schengen visa, you can appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic through the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tashkent.
Having received a refusal, the applicant can at any time, including immediately after the refusal, file a new application accompanied by the required documents.
In accordance with Law No. 101/2000 Coll. "On the Protection of Personal Data and the Amendment of Certain Laws in the Current Version," the personal data of the applicant can only be provided to the appropriate Czech authorities for a decision to grant or refuse extradition
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The concepts of
The concepts of "off-season" in the Czech Republic does not exist in principle that there can be at least in January, although in July for a walk through the alleys of the medieval city, wander around enfilade halls and any of the more than two thousand castles, drink the freshest beer (Czech for "pennomu" indicator front the entire planet) and overeat fried sausages, and then come round from the gastronomic debauchery resuscitate liver and pancreas Karlovy Vary water - no wonder the mineral wealth of the Czech Republic responded enthusiastically whole galaxy of Russian artists.
Among other things, the Czech Republic can boast of a very high quality ski resorts such ear caressing names, such as Pec pod Sněžkou. But in the summer do not miss the opportunity to relax in the cozy beach resort of Macha Lake.


The climate in the Czech Republic is moderate, transitional from maritime to continental, with pronounced seasonality. Summer is moderately hot, the average temperature of the hottest month (July) - 19 ... +21 ° C. Winters are mild and humid, the average temperature of the coldest month (January) -2 ...- 4 ° C. The ski season lasts from December to April.
The best time for a trip to Prague or spa resorts the country highlight the difficult, and there is no need: they are good at any time of the year. To visit the ski resorts are best suited January and February.

Cuisine and restaurants

Talk about Czech cuisine does not make sense: it is necessary to try (which is the only one "soup in a bread"). The most expensive places in the Czech Republic called Restaurant - in which meats are from 200-300 CZK. It is much cheaper to dine at Restaurace, where anything from meat will cost no more than 100 CZK. Even cheaper - beer (Pivnice - Hospoda), where you can enjoy a very tasty (and you doubt?) Beer with grilled sausages at very affordable prices.
Czech beer - a separate conversation. Sophisticated connoisseurs of beer may be advisable to dine in the restaurants near the brewery (such as Pilsen, Buduevitse or Prague, or villages Krushovitse Velkopopovitse). There's beer is served with "piping hot" (but always cold), and taste it - the nectar of the gods. Least.

Shopping Stores Czech Republic

Shops are open from 9:00 to 18:00, on Saturday - from 9:00 to 13:00. Grocery shops are open on weekdays from 6:00 to 18:00, and on Saturdays - before noon. Large supermarkets are open on weekends from 18:00 to 20:00.
From the Czech Republic can bring absinthe different varieties (some are only sold here, and the assurances of a number absentonavtov, they - "labor" absinthe with a sufficient percentage of thujone, and everything else - so, vodka green), "Becherovka", garnet jewelry, glass, crystal, lace, porcelain and ceramic products. With spas - Karlovy Vary salt, medical cosmetics, cups for drinking water sources.

Entertainment, tours and attractions Bohemia

In the Czech Republic - a lot of nice old towns: Colin magnificent cathedral, the capital of Moravia, Brno, Kutna Hora with ST. Barbara and the ossuary, Tabor, Pilsen and others. It is necessary to go to the reserve "Czech Paradise" (about 100 km from Prague), where in addition to several medieval castles are very impressive rock formations, such as hiking trails are laid. Or go swimming at the Macha Lake - Czech popular beach resort

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