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The list of supporting documents to be submitted when applying for a Schengen visa in the Republic of Uzbekistan

I.          Supporting documents, the provision of which is mandatory for all applicants
  • Confirmation of residence (certificate of residence) in Uzbekistan
  • Pre-book a ticket to travel back and forth
  • Help confirmation on the availability of funds, the amount of which is equivalent to at least the minimum amount required for each day of stay in the territory of a Member State:
-        Internationally recognized credit card with the most recent statements on it (for all applicants)
-        Internationally recognized credit card with the most recent statements on it (for all applicants)
-        Earnings statement, indicating the level of wages in the last 12 months (for employed applicants)
-        Confirmation from the employer or educational institution of the place of work and position (for employed applicants) or the passage of studies (for students applicants)
-        Work-book (for employed applicants)
-        Confirmation from the employer or educational institution on a consistent output on vacation (for employed applicants) or on vacation (student applicants)
-        A copy of the circular from the trade register or license (for business owners or entrepreneurs)
-        Statement of tax payments (for business owners or entrepreneurs)
-        Pension book (for retired applicants), and / or
-        any other proof of funds (for example, proof of remittances, the lease of the property, the original certificate of sponsorship or other legal form of financing, subject to its equivalent recognition of a Member State, confirmation of receipt of scholarships or grants for research, and so on. n.)
  • Substantiated evidence of a housing for temporary residence, chosen depending on the purpose of their visit, for the whole period
  • Confirmation of family ties in Uzbekistan (original passports of his wife and children, children's birth certificates, proof of marital status, etc.)
  • Additional requirements for minors (persons under 18 years of age)
-        Birth certificate of the applicant [1]
-        Copies of parents' [2]
-        Notarized consent of a parent or legal guardian in the case of independent exit of a minor or accompanied by only one parent [3].

II.       Supporting documents provided depending on the purpose of the journey
  • Transit
-        Proof of established under the law permit (visa or visa-free resolution) to enter the country of final destination.
  • Tourism
-        Paid reservation in a hotel or guest house, or
-        proof of payment for a tourist trip, or
-        otherwise substantiated evidence of a housing for temporary accommodation
  • Guest visit to relatives / friends
-     Original certificate of sponsorship and providing housing for temporary residence, certified by the local authorities of the Member State of residence (national form) and / or the original personal invitation signed by the inviting party, a copy of the passport of the inviting party and a copy of the residence permit (for persons non-EU citizens). You must first clarify the features of national administrative procedures in a Member State, is the ultimate purpose of the trip.
-        Certificate of family relationship and copy of the passport relative (in the case of guest visits to relatives)
  • Business
-        Official personal invitation from the company or organization taking part in a meeting, conference or other activities related to trade, industry or work, with confirmation of funding stay and other documents indicating the trade or business relationship, or
-        Entrance tickets to exhibitions, congresses or similar events or
-        Other documents confirming the conduct of business or maintaining business relations with the Member State
-        Extract from the trade register or license the host company
-        Hotel booking or confirmation from the host company in the event that accommodation costs are covered by it.
  • Check to participate in cultural or sporting events, or for study, vocational training, or research
-        The official name of the document or letter of invitation from the organizer of cultural or sporting activities, vocational training, study or research, or a letter of acceptance for studies (inflow) from a university or institution of a Member State is the ultimate purpose of the trip, with an indication of the length of stay and confirmation of funding such a stay
-        Hotel booking pre-paid or a confirmation of the availability of housing for temporary residence for the entire period of stay in a Member State (eg, reservation of accommodation on campus (Campus))
-        Letter of agreement from the relevant competent authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan in group travel confirming consent to the departure of individual members of the group.
  • Medical Treatment
-      The official name of the document or letter of invitation from the host a clinic or doctor's Member State, confirming the need for medical treatment, with an indication of the approximate cost and the expected life of such treatment, including confirmation of the need for an accompanying person (if applicable)
-        Confirmation of payment for medical treatment, or
-        Original certificate of sponsorship, certified by local authorities of a Member State is the ultimate purpose of the trip (national form), or other legal form of sponsorship, provided its equivalent recognized by Member States
-        Paid reservation in a hotel or personal invitations from the original notarized signature of the host to confirm availability of housing for temporary accommodation
  • Official delegations
-        A copy of the official invitation from a Member State is the ultimate purpose of the trip, or an international organization
-        Note verbale from the relevant ministry or authority confirming that the applicant is a member of the official delegation traveling to the territory of a Member State to participate in the activities specified in the invitation, as well as determined by the parties, which is responsible for the costs of the stay of such delegation

[1] For a child born out of wedlock, a certificate of registry offices, confirming the consent of the father on making its data on the birth certificate of the child
[2] Only one passport for minors with one parent or the juvenile, whose one parent has sole parental care (in the latter case, you must provide proof of the right to sole parental care)
[3Perhaps the use of exceptions, if a single parent with whom the minor leaves, has sole parental rights.

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GERMANY, the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), a country in Central EuropeGERMANY, the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), a country in Central Europe, which is a 3 October 1990 brought together all the territories divided between the two German states after the Second World War. On land bordered to the north by Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the west, Switzerland and Austria to the south, the Czech Republic and Poland in the east and southeast. The population of Germany is the second largest in Europe (after Russia), and the area - the sixth (after Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain and Sweden). Germany - Europe's leading economic power.

The territory of Germany is divided into three major pulse-oriented region, largely because of the nature of the relief: the North German plain - in the north, the mountains of Central Germany - in the heart of the Alps - to the south.

Within Germany includes the northern ranges of the Alps
Within Germany includes the northern ranges of the Alps. To the west is dominated by low ridges, composed of sandstones, but in Bavaria, south of Munich, also represented the Northern Limestone Alps. It is the highest point in Germany - the Zugspitze (2962 m).
To the north of the Alps formed foredeep made products of destruction of the mountains - sandy and clay rocks. Currently, there developed foothills (alpine Forland), gently sloping from the foothills of the Alps in the north to the valley of the Danube. In the Pleistocene glaciers on the main valleys of the Alps went on piedmont plain. There are released by melting ice masses of detritus, which form the terminal moraines, expressed as a ridge of low hills. The basins between the ridges are occupied by swamps and lakes. To the north of moraines flows of melted glacier water postponed covers gravel composing the Munich plain and river terraces.

Transport Germany

To move on a plane only makes sense between major cities - in such areas local loukostery (AirBerln, German Wings) offer highly competitive rates that are comparable to the cost of a trip by rail. Other best distance covered by trains, the benefit in Germany is one of the most effective systems in Europe rail link. High-speed trains ICE (InterCity Express, the speed up to 330 km / h) connect the major cities, but fares are not cheap. More democratic IC (InterCity) go between smaller towns and small towns, as EC (EuroCity) run between European cities. Timetables far (DB) and suburban route (Regionalbahn) in Germany merged into a single system, making it easy to plan trips to the country.
Bus travel is, between the majority of German cities. The buses are comfortable and run on schedule, thanks to the excellent roads quickly delivered to the destination.


The climate is temperate in the north sea, the rest of - the transition from maritime to continental. The weather is often changeable, in the middle of summer can be cold snap, and in January - almost spring thaw. Due to the low pressure in the winter the temperature is kept within the range of -4 ° C to 0 ° C, but sometimes can drop up to -20 ° C. The average temperature of the coldest month, January -3 ... + 2 ° C, cooler is only high in the mountains on the southern border: -6 ...- 10 ° C. The average temperature in July of +16 ... + 20 ° C. The rains come mainly in autumn and winter. Not hot summer in Germany, so that a country visit would be ideal for those who do not tolerate high temperatures. Always worth to grab an umbrella - drizzle possible.
In Berlin, the winter is usually held near zero temperature +2 ... + 3 ° C. Snow falls rarely and lasts long. Snowy Christmas here - a rarity.

Cuisine and restaurants

The basis of German cuisine - meat plus potatoes and gravy in the company of fresh or cooked vegetables. A great number of variations, from roast pork with potato dumplings to the schnitzel with fries. Another popular dish - dozens of varieties "vursht", I mean sausage: pork and beef, grilled and boiled giant and tiny. Serve them with ketchup or mustard in a bun like a hot dog, or with the same potatoes. It is also worth a try "Königsberg klopses" - pork meatballs in cream sauce with capers, garnished with rice.
As for drinks, the primacy of the country firmly holds beer (who would doubt). Popular varieties include "Augustinerbrau", "Hacker-Pschorr", "Hofbrau", "Levenbrau", "Paulaner" and "Spaten." To beer served roast pork with potato dumplings or Nuremberg fried sausages. Also popular wine valleys "Rhine" and "Mine", moderately tart, and very fragrant. Fans will appreciate the variety of soft drinks cider ("apfelvayn"), in the winter you can warm up with hot mulled wine good.
In Germany, as, indeed, throughout Europe, spread sandwiches - great sandwiches with various fillings, the cost of which is low, and the portion size will go for a nice dinner. However, they have to eat for more than two days in a row - a dubious pleasure to the stomach.
Prices in the cafe with German and foreign cuisine are about the same (in the past, maybe a little less). But "German" portion is usually larger.
Tipping is approximately 10% of the total bill. Incidentally, the German cafe is not uncommon for regular customers (and they can be had for the third time) accompany the free glass of "one for the road."

German beer

German beer - the notion of a highly collective: to how to try to place all of its varieties, at least the most famous one tours, even the longest, is clearly not enough. It may be possible to carry out such a feat in two stages: the first round devote all grades fermented, and the second, respectively - bottom. To avoid confusion tipsy, here exemplary "road map" for the fermentation of German beer.
In Bavaria, during normal business hours, a person has the right to drink one glass of beer.
Route fermented: Altbier ("Beer in the old") - Berlin white - Vaytsenbok - Kölsch - Strong wheat.
The most popular Bavarian light types, "Augustinerbrau", "Hacker-Pschorr", "Hofbroy", "Levenbrau", "Paulaner" and "Spaten."

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