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The list of supporting documents to be submitted when applying for a Schengen visa in the Republic of Uzbekistan

I.          Supporting documents, the provision of which is mandatory for all applicants
  • Confirmation of residence (certificate of residence) in Uzbekistan
  • Pre-book a ticket to travel back and forth
  • Help confirmation on the availability of funds, the amount of which is equivalent to at least the minimum amount required for each day of stay in the territory of a Member State:
-        Internationally recognized credit card with the most recent statements on it (for all applicants)
-        Internationally recognized credit card with the most recent statements on it (for all applicants)
-        Earnings statement, indicating the level of wages in the last 12 months (for employed applicants)
-        Confirmation from the employer or educational institution of the place of work and position (for employed applicants) or the passage of studies (for students applicants)
-        Work-book (for employed applicants)
-        Confirmation from the employer or educational institution on a consistent output on vacation (for employed applicants) or on vacation (student applicants)
-        A copy of the circular from the trade register or license (for business owners or entrepreneurs)
-        Statement of tax payments (for business owners or entrepreneurs)
-        Pension book (for retired applicants), and / or
-        any other proof of funds (for example, proof of remittances, the lease of the property, the original certificate of sponsorship or other legal form of financing, subject to its equivalent recognition of a Member State, confirmation of receipt of scholarships or grants for research, and so on. n.)
  • Substantiated evidence of a housing for temporary residence, chosen depending on the purpose of their visit, for the whole period
  • Confirmation of family ties in Uzbekistan (original passports of his wife and children, children's birth certificates, proof of marital status, etc.)
  • Additional requirements for minors (persons under 18 years of age)
-        Birth certificate of the applicant [1]
-        Copies of parents' [2]
-        Notarized consent of a parent or legal guardian in the case of independent exit of a minor or accompanied by only one parent [3].

II.       Supporting documents provided depending on the purpose of the journey
  • Transit
-        Proof of established under the law permit (visa or visa-free resolution) to enter the country of final destination.
  • Tourism
-        Paid reservation in a hotel or guest house, or
-        proof of payment for a tourist trip, or
-        otherwise substantiated evidence of a housing for temporary accommodation
  • Guest visit to relatives / friends
-     Original certificate of sponsorship and providing housing for temporary residence, certified by the local authorities of the Member State of residence (national form) and / or the original personal invitation signed by the inviting party, a copy of the passport of the inviting party and a copy of the residence permit (for persons non-EU citizens). You must first clarify the features of national administrative procedures in a Member State, is the ultimate purpose of the trip.
-        Certificate of family relationship and copy of the passport relative (in the case of guest visits to relatives)
  • Business
-        Official personal invitation from the company or organization taking part in a meeting, conference or other activities related to trade, industry or work, with confirmation of funding stay and other documents indicating the trade or business relationship, or
-        Entrance tickets to exhibitions, congresses or similar events or
-        Other documents confirming the conduct of business or maintaining business relations with the Member State
-        Extract from the trade register or license the host company
-        Hotel booking or confirmation from the host company in the event that accommodation costs are covered by it.
  • Check to participate in cultural or sporting events, or for study, vocational training, or research
-        The official name of the document or letter of invitation from the organizer of cultural or sporting activities, vocational training, study or research, or a letter of acceptance for studies (inflow) from a university or institution of a Member State is the ultimate purpose of the trip, with an indication of the length of stay and confirmation of funding such a stay
-        Hotel booking pre-paid or a confirmation of the availability of housing for temporary residence for the entire period of stay in a Member State (eg, reservation of accommodation on campus (Campus))
-        Letter of agreement from the relevant competent authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan in group travel confirming consent to the departure of individual members of the group.
  • Medical Treatment
-      The official name of the document or letter of invitation from the host a clinic or doctor's Member State, confirming the need for medical treatment, with an indication of the approximate cost and the expected life of such treatment, including confirmation of the need for an accompanying person (if applicable)
-        Confirmation of payment for medical treatment, or
-        Original certificate of sponsorship, certified by local authorities of a Member State is the ultimate purpose of the trip (national form), or other legal form of sponsorship, provided its equivalent recognized by Member States
-        Paid reservation in a hotel or personal invitations from the original notarized signature of the host to confirm availability of housing for temporary accommodation
  • Official delegations
-        A copy of the official invitation from a Member State is the ultimate purpose of the trip, or an international organization
-        Note verbale from the relevant ministry or authority confirming that the applicant is a member of the official delegation traveling to the territory of a Member State to participate in the activities specified in the invitation, as well as determined by the parties, which is responsible for the costs of the stay of such delegation

[1] For a child born out of wedlock, a certificate of registry offices, confirming the consent of the father on making its data on the birth certificate of the child
[2] Only one passport for minors with one parent or the juvenile, whose one parent has sole parental care (in the latter case, you must provide proof of the right to sole parental care)
[3Perhaps the use of exceptions, if a single parent with whom the minor leaves, has sole parental rights.

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The main city in Sweden StockholmThe main city in Sweden Stockholm, they say, "well preserved": in this capital on 14 islands really have to look at in terms of museums, architecture and other "ekskursionki." In addition, Sweden - a "Volvo" and "Abba", "Carlson, who live on the Roof" and the ceremony of awarding the Nobel Prizes. The main principle of the residents of Sweden: the quality factor around and maximum convenience for the people - both at work and at play. And last but not least Sweden is renowned for its cuisine - simple, hearty and just like a Russian.

Capital - Stockholm (Stockholm).
Major cities - Gothenburg, Malmo.
Ski resorts in Sweden: Idre (Idre), Sälen (Salen), and Ore (Are).


Moderate, transition from maritime to continental. In winter, the temperature in most parts of the country does not fall below -16 ° C, only in the north are frequent frosts below -22 ° C, in summer is rarely warmer than +22 ° C (and in mountainous areas +17 ° C). Wet marine air masses from the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea often bring quite changeable weather with precipitation and winds, especially in the off-season.

Banks and exchange offices

In Sweden, unlike most other countries, it is most advantageous to exchange the currency at exchange offices. The banks have a rather high fee, not the most favorable rate.
Most exchange offices operate from 8:00 to 21:00. Banks are open on weekdays, except Thursdays, from 10:00 to 15:00. On Thursdays, banks are open from 10:00 until 16: 00-17: 30. In some cities, the banks may be open until 18:00. On weekends and public holidays all banks are closed.

Shopping and shops in Sweden

Stores in Sweden are not strictly defined days of the week and hours of operation. Typically, this is Monday - Friday from 9:30 to 18:00. Department stores and other large stores are usually open on Sundays, from 12:00 to 16:00. Grocery stores are open every day, usually until 20:00, and some - and longer. Winter sale with significant discounts beginning on December 27 and lasts a month.
As a souvenir of the country can bring glass and crystal products from steel and silver, wooden crafts. Also prized for ladies and children's clothes, especially the Scandinavian sweaters.

Swedish cuisine and restaurants

Breakfast buffet (smorgasbord Swedish, literally - "sandwich board") has become a world heritage restaurant business. In Sweden it is very ample: it is different salted and smoked fish, sausages, pates, salads, cheeses, meat and fish main courses, desserts and pastries. Christmas buffet (julbord) in the period from 1 to December 23, includes up to 50 dishes. In general, the Swedish national cuisine is restrained diversity. It almost does not use seasonings and very much appreciated the natural taste. By delicacies include venison, elk, crayfish. And everywhere salmon: raw, smoked, pickled, in the form of kebabs or grilled.
Specific Swedish drinks - low alcohol fruit punch («punsch») and Christmas mulled wine glogg, which is made from pre-warmed red wine with cardamom, cloves, raisins and almonds.

Entertainment, tours and attractions in Sweden

The main beauty of Sweden are of natural origin: the harsh tundra of Lapland, the islands of the Gulf of Bothnia, the green hills of the west, the cliffs Norrbotten, beautiful lake. The cultural attractions mostly located in large cities: Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm.
In the old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet), a lot of beautiful churches, picturesque streets, shops, restaurants and cafes. Adjacent to the Palace Armoury (Livrustkammaren) and Treasury (Skattkammaren). In the same part of the city are the Nobel Museum (Nobelmuseet) and Knight's House (Riddarhuset). Beautiful old houses can be seen on the banks of the Norrmalm district (Norrmalm), the islands of Södermalm and Kungsholmen. Another interesting island of Skeppsholmen, full of museums and one of the finest collections of 20th century art. On the adjacent island Blasieholmen (Blasieholmen) is the National Museum (Nationalmuseum) with a first-rate collection of Scandinavian and European painting and sculpture, as well as a permanent exhibition of Swedish design.
Among other things, the utmost attention should be magnificent castles in Sweden.

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