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List of documents required for submission of the application for a visa:

         1. Passport:
  • Issued not earlier than 10 years before applying for a visa;
  • Valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the visa;
  • Having at least 2 unused pages for the visa label;
  • Photocopy of the passport (visa department, registration, visa);
         2 photos:
  • 4x5;
  • On a white background;
         3. A completed application form, signed by the applicant or his legal representative.
         4. Invitation containing specific dates of the visit, contact details and the receiving side, indicating the place of residence during the visit.
         5. Keep your ticket (there and back).
         6. Passport / her spouse, a marriage certificate, children's birth certificates and copies of these documents.
         7. Proof of employment:
  • Letter from the employer indicating the position and salary for the applicant;
  • Help with work income for the year;
         8. Financial guarantees:
  • Bank statements for the past;
  • A copy of the currency of the card;
  • In the case of travel statement by the employer for full funding of the costs of the applicant's stay in the destination country and the order on sending / vacation.
         9. Documents confirming ownership of some or business (if any).
         10. Evidence of real or personal property (if any).
         11. Copies of previous passports with visas, if any.
         12. A copy of the work book (translated into English).

Online application form filled online:

Consular fee is set after completion of the questionnaire.
Payment of the consular fee - by credit card Visa and MasterCard on the site.
All documents must be translated into English.

Additional list of documents for students or students (under 18 years):
         1. A copy of your student card.
         2. Letter from the study (stating that the information provided to the embassy, address, phone number).
         3. Certificate from the study, indicating that at the time of travel of the student or the student's vacation or that the institution agrees to the trip.
         4. Certificate of employment of parents or the person paying for the trip, statement of account and a statement from a sponsor for funding the trip.
         5. Permission from parents to leave the child abroad notarized.
All documents must be translated into English.

Additional list of documents for seniors:
         1. Original and copy of the pension certificate and a certificate of the amount of pension.
         2. Sponsorship letter and certificate of employment (from children, relatives), proof of relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) and a copy of the first page. Of the passport of the sponsor.
All documents must be translated into English.
Term review and visa: 8 working days
The cost of the visa fee: US $ 130
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United Kingdom ("United Kingdom") - is an island nation in northwest Europe. The state consists of four "historical provinces" - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
For each of us associate the UK in its own way: one honoring the country style and traditions, for another - "afternoon tea" and pubs, for the third - education and culture. Once here for the first time, every man for himself open its "new and unique Great Britain", which will hit not only handsome London, but also win beginners Scotland and Uelsom where magnificent landscapes are striking in their beauty, Northern Ireland, where you can enjoy local architecture, chic restaurants and, of course, traditional pubs. Famous Oxford and Cambridge will not leave anyone indifferent, and if you also falls opportunity to visit the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man, then you will want to come back again and again. This wonderful country will give you the opportunity to enjoy its beauty, friendliness, unique ale and whiskey will be always glad to your return!

Visa to the UK

The capital of the United Kingdom

London - England
Edinburgh - Scotland
Cardiff - Wales
Belfast - Northern Ireland


"If you're tired of London - Are you tired of life."

The author of this saying, the English poet Samuel Johnson, very wisely observed that from this magnificent city can not get tired, because this city all kinds of events, cultural events, interesting people, magnificent architecture, unique places, shopping, food, fun. Everyone can choose for themselves suitable employment and recreation for everyone.
Shoppers will find in London more than 30,000 shops and boutiques with a wide choice. There is everything from famous designers in the famous Oxford Street (Oxford Street) to no less popular markets in Notting Hill (Notting Hill) and Kamden Market (Camden Market) music lovers will find more than 400 concert halls with a varied musical program, ranging from opera to Britpop. You can also visit the most important musical event of the year - Proms Festival (Proms), held in the Albert Hall. London harmoniously combines both modern and ancient architecture. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of London, with a bird's-eye view on the Ferris wheel (London Eye). You can also visit the modern art gallery Tate Modern (Tate Modern) and the British Museum (British Muesum).

We recommend to visit:

Tower (Tower of London)
Buckingham Palace (Buckingham Palace)
Kensington Palace (Kensington Palace)
Botanic Gardens Kew Gardens (Kew Gardens)
Science Museum (Science Museum)
Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum)
Victoria and Albert Museum (Victoria & Albert Museum)
Madame Tussauds (Madame Tussaud's Museum)
Tate Britain (Tate Britain)
Museum of London prison (The London Dungeon)
University Dali (Dali Universe)
Wimbledon - June-July (Wimbledon Tennis Championships)
Chelsea Flower Show - May (Chelsea Flower Show)


Land and water: 152.033 square meters. miles


In the UK, home to about 60.6 million. People (England - 50,714,00, Wales - 2,977,00, Scotland - 5,180,000, S.Irlandiya - 1,733,000


In the UK, two official languages - English and Welsh languages. English is the most common. In some parts of Scotland speak Gaelic.


Most of the population of Great Britain - English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish descent. In this case, the United Kingdom - a country of many cultures developed tradition of national integration and national unity.


The vast majority of UK residents profess the Christian religion (71%), but religious freedom makes possible the coexistence of other religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. About 23% of the UK population does not adhere to any religion.


The form of government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a constitutional monarchy based on a system of representative democracy. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state, but the head of government is elected prime minister.


UK - one of the most important trading nations, as well as a major financial center. One of the main and most profitable sectors of the economy is agriculture. It is worth noting that a significant contribution to the state budget made by primary energy sources such as coal and oil. An important part of the British economy are banking and insurance services.

Monetary unit

The official currency of the United Kingdom - the pound sterling. Symbol of the British Pound Sterling (GBP): £.

Time zone

September 29 - March 26: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
March 26 - September 29: UTC + 1


The climate is temperate British Isles. The weather can change dramatically within a few days, but in the summer (June - August) is usually warm and the air temperature is + 14 ... +30 ° C. In winter (December - February), the temperature is kept at around + 1 ... +4 ° C.


This country architectural Edinburgh, Glasgow hasty, vast expanses of Scottish sheep with cute, funny ladybugs, country whiskey and wild dances in kiltah.Syuda you will want to return again and again! And while we're a little more tell you about the importance of cities and places in this extraordinary country.
Edinburgh - cultural and historical Centres Scotland. Royal residence Holyroodhouse soedenina proudly overlooking the city of Edinburgh Castle Royal Paving Miley.Odnim of the most important cultural events in Edinburgh is an annual music festival, followed by a military parade Military Tattoo, passing near the castle and fireworks.
The second largest city in Scotland is Glasgow, which houses many museums and monuments, such as the Lighthouse in the style of "Art Deco", the famous Burrell Collection and Gallery of Modern Art.
In Scotland, you can enjoy the famous Scotch whiskey. You will find more than 300 producers of whiskey. Scotland can reach a comfortable train from London to Edinburgh or plane. Scotland consists of more than 800 islands, 130 of which are inhabited. You can visit the island of Iona, with its ancient monastery, or the Isle of Skye, which was hiding from the persecution of the national hero of Scotland Bonnie Prince Charlie.

We recommend to visit:

Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh Castle)
National Gallery (National Gallery of Scotland)
Walking Tour of Edinburgh - Mercat (Mercat Walking Tours of Edinburgh)
Royal Yacht Britain (The Royal Yatch Britannia, Leith Docks)
It's time to music and film festivals - August (Edinburg Festivals)
Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow (Gallery of Modern Art)
Highland Games in Perth - August (Highland Games)


Wales exceptional beauty and variety of natural landscapes. You will have the opportunity to climb to the tops of the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales and enjoy the peace of beautiful parks, fishing in the clear lakes of the central mirror array or visit the coast. Wales is of particular interest for outdoor enthusiasts.
Climbers find interesting Snowdon National Park, where the highest point of Wales, Mount Snowdon. Pembroukshirsky Reserve and covered with rocks Gower Peninsula, located on more than 280 km coastal strip known for its beautiful landscapes. You can take a walk on the slopes of the Brecon Brix or on the trail "Dam Offa" that separates England and Wales. This 270 km route runs through the beautiful valley of Wight.
This wonderful region is rich in various myths and legends. You will be able to touch the original history of Wales, visiting ancient tombs, monuments and late Norman Celtic culture, Roman fortifications and numerous castles. You can also visit the medieval fortress in Caernarfon, Conwy and Harlech. In Wales there are many medieval towns, has retained its original appearance. As an example, Tenby. A number of large cities like Swansea with its maritime districts and Maritime Museum and the industry. Cardiff - Capital of Wales and one of the oldest settlements in Western Europe. Here you can visit the old Cardiff Castle and the National Museum of Wales with its splendid collection of Impressionists.

We recommend to visit

Museum of Welsh Life in Cardiff (The Museum of Welsh Life)
Science and Technology Museum in Cardiff (Techniquest)
Church of St. David's in Pembrokeshire (St David's Cathedral)
Festival "St. David's Day" - March
Museum of Mining in Blaenafon (The Big Pit National Mining Museum of Wales)
Harlech Castle in Harlech (Harlech)
Aberglashney house with gardens Karmarthen (Aberglasney)
Centre for Alternative Technology in Machintleh (Centre for Alternative Technology)
Music Festival Llangolen - July (The Llangollen International Music Festival)
Mountain trail in Snowdon, Kaernafon (Snowdon Mountain Railway)
Holiday "St. David's Day" - March

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland will open for you all the diversity of cultural heritage and its unique natural landscapes. You can enjoy an active life in large cities with their modern architecture, popular restaurants and traditional pubs. In this region, an increase in the number of hotels and hotel complexes, which reflects its increasing popularity among tourists.
Once you go beyond the bustling city you will find yourself among the picturesque fields and villages and farms, stretching along the winding country roads. It is interesting to note that Northern Ireland is the second, after Japan, a country in the degree of security and has one of the lowest rates of criminality.
Northern Ireland - a small and compact country, which is very convenient for travel, so you can stay in a hotel or cottage, as well as easy to visit all the attractions are located compactly.

We recommend to visit:

Giants in Antrim (Giant's Causeway)
Island in Lough Erne Devendish, Fermanaug (Devenish Island Monastic Site, Lough Erne)
Folklore Museum in Tyrone Ulster (Ulster-American Folk Park)
The house and gardens at Mount Down (Mount Stewart House and Gardens)
Ulster Museum in Belfast (Ulster Museum)
Exhibition Center in Uolss Londonerri (Walls of Derry, City Centre)
Suspended Bridge Carrick -a -ed in Antrim (Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge)
Feast of St. Patrick's Day - March (St Patrick's Day Celebrations)

Isle of Wight

Visiting ostorov White, you never forget it. Each season on the island charms with its beauty. A long and hot summer attracts hundreds of people on the coast where you can enjoy a traditional beach holiday or to do active water sports. The picturesque coast of the island, stretching 60 miles from the pretty harbor and golden sand attracts tourists. You will be able to explore the beauty of the island at any time of the year traveling the back roads that offer enchanting scenery and colors of spring, bright hues of autumn and winter magic cool tones.
The Isle of Wight is an international center for sailing water sports, in addition you will have an opportunity to do any sport since golf and ending skydiving. Everyone will find something interesting on the island.
The island is of great interest from a historical perspective. Dinosaurs, ancient tribes, Romans and monarchs left a big mark on the island, which is currently the unique heritage of the past. At the time, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Henry VIII and Queen Victoria often visited this wonderful island.

We recommend to visit:

Dinosaur Island in Sendoun (Dinosaur Isle)
Carisbrooke Castle in Newport (Carisbrooke Castle)
The Pearl Islands in Brayston (Isle of Wight Pearl)
Blekgeng China Fantasy Park in Ventmor (Blackgang Chine Fantasy Park)
Ventnor Botanic Garden (Ventnor Botanic Garden and Visitor Centre)
Fot Victoria Park in Yarmlut (Fort Victoria Country Park)
Needles Park at Toland Bay (Needles Park)
Model Village and Gardens in Godskhill (The Model Village)
Railway in Havenstrit the Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight Steam Railway)

Isle of Man

Nestled in the heart of the island allows you to get to it from all UK airports, as well as regular ferries from Hisham, Liverpool, Dublin and Belfast.
Isle of Man small in size (53 by 19.3 miles), making it easy to inspect it by car or public transport. Isle of Man - protectorate crown. It operates its own currency, language Isamu world's oldest continuous parliament. Pounds are also accepted, so the exchange is not required. Tourists can travel by bus, enjoying the wonderful views from the windows, or choose a quiet ride on the historic electric railway and tram pulled by horses, or take a ride on the steam railway, stretching across the mountains. Attractions and places of historical significance are scattered throughout the island.
Douglas - the capital of the island with the National Museum, Victorian architecture, a network of hotels and beautiful avenues, with a total length of about 3 kilometers. You will have the opportunity to visit the exciting motorcycle racing or just quietly enjoy nature.

We recommend to visit:

Rochen Castle in Castle Town (Castle Rushen)
Mann House in Pyla (The House of Manannan)
Snafelskaya mountain road in Douglas (Snaefell Mountain Railway)
Manx Museum in Douglas (Manx Museum)
Kipper Museum in Pila (Kipper Museum)
Maritime Museum in Kastltaune (The Nautical Museum)
Factory wool in Luxi (Laxey Woollen Mills)
Folk Museum in the village Kregneash (Cregneash Village Folk Museum)
Motoralli "Manx Grand Prix" in Douglas - August (Manx Grand Prix Motorcycle Fortnight)

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