Sightseeing tour in St. Petersburg

1 day (Friday)
Arrival in St. Petersburg. Accommodation at the hotel on their own
The organization of a free group transfer by prior arrangement (at 10:10 meeting at the Ladoga railway station at 11:00 am meeting at the Moscow station). In the absence of a transfer application was not to be!
Meet your guide in the hotel lobby, the name plate of the tour.
12:20 Departure from the hotel "Baltic", "Empire Park".
12:30 Departure from the hotel "St Petersburg", "Stole".
12:40 Departure from the hotel "Bristol".
13:00 Meeting at the Moscow train station (on request).
13:10 Departure from the hotel "October".

Meet your guide at the hotel lobby. Bus city tour - familiarity with the front ensembles: Vasilievsky Island, Field of Mars, Decembrists Square, St. Isaac's Square, Palace Square, and the main symbols of the city: the Admiralty, Bronze Horseman, the cruiser "Aurora".
Tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress - excursion introduces the history of construction
Peter and Paul Fortress and tells about the significance of the fortress for the emergence and
the initial construction of St. Petersburg. The tour includes a visit to Peter and Paul Cathedral - a remarkable architectural monument of the Petrine Baroque, Russian emperors tomb with Peter I to Nicholas II, and casemates Trubetskoy bastion - the last time the existence of political prison in the fortress.
Transfer to the hotel by bus.
20:00 For an additional fee: bus tour "Lights Petersburg" 450rub. / Adults., 400rub. / Schools. During the tour you will pass on the promenade and the central avenue of the city, see art illumination, visit St. Petersburg O'Lantern, make a wish about sphinxes and visit other parts of St. Petersburg, which were not included in the tour.

Day 2 (Saturday)
10:00 Country Tour to Tsarskoye Selo with visiting the Catherine Palace
For an extra charge: excursion with a visit to Pavlovsk Palace Pavlovsk (group of 18 persons) - 550 rub. / Adults., 350rub. / Schools.
16: 00-18: 00 End of the program in the city center. Separate return to the hotel.
For an additional fee: visit a unique show with sharks in the first in Russia Oceanarium (adult. - 700 rubles., Children - 500 rubles.).
Surcharge: Visit the interactive theatrical program "horrors of St. Petersburg" - the legends and myths of our city. (Adult. - 550 rubles., Children - 450 rubles.).

Day 3 (Sunday)
10:00 Transfer to the program.
11:00 Excursion to St. Isaac's Cathedral - one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, consecrated in 1858, was the main cathedral of the city and one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.
13:00 Sightseeing tour of the Hermitage - a journey through the centuries and countries represented here the whole history of the world kultury- from Ancient Egypt to the beautiful masterpieces of the twentieth century
15: 00-15: 30 End of the program in the city center. Separate return to the hotel.

4 day (Monday)
Free day
Extras: 10:00 Bus tour "St. Petersburg secrets" introduces the mysteries, prophecies and mystical characters Petersburg. Which of the historical characters, fictional and what - you learn on the tour. Upon completion of waiting for an excursion to the Savior on Spilled Blood (Church of the Resurrection) - a unique mosaic art museum, built in memory of Emperor-Liberator Alexander II, according to legend, the temple can not be destroyed, and in the evenings stones moan, recalling the emperor. 14:00 End of the program in the city center. (Adult. - 650 rubles., Children - 450 rubles.). Separate return to the hotel.

Day 5 (Tuesday)
10:00 Bus Tour "Temples of Northern Capital". You will see a military shrine - Saviour - Transfiguration Cathedral and Panteleymonovskaya Church, Baroque churches - and Smolny Cathedral and Kazan - in appearance, antique, ancient, keeping the miraculous icon and the tomb of Mikhail Kutuzov and the chapel of the Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg at the Smolensk cemetery Vasilevsky Island - the most expensive relic of the northern capital. This tour will allow to pass through the streets and embankments, washing, Fontanka.
13:00 End of the program in the city center. Separate return to the hotel.

Day 6 (Wednesday)
13: 00-16: 00 Bus tour "Palaces of St. Petersburg and their owners" with a visit to the Menshikov Palace.
Return to the hotel by bus.

7 day (Thursday)
10: 00-15: 00 Country Tour "In the Old Peterhof road" with a visit to the Grand Peterhof Palace - the "crown" the residence of Russian emperors.
15:00 End of the program in the city center. Separate return to the hotel.
For additional. fee: visit the theater-layout "Peter Water area", which will introduce visitors not only with the most important landmarks of the 18th century on a scale of 1:87, but also scenes from the life of famous and not so urban.

Day 8 (Friday)
Transfer to the program. Excursion to the Yusupov Palace in one of the few aristocratic mansions of St. Petersburg, which survived not only state apartments, an art gallery, mini-theater, but also luxurious living quarters Yusupov family, where the warmth and charm of the former owners. Separate return to the hotel.

Day 9 (Saturday)
Free day

Day 10 (Sunday)
Exemption room until 12:00. Transfer from the hotel to the train / railway station

  • Late arrivals of tourists at the time of collection of the group without prior approval, failure during the delay services are not compensated.
  • The company reserves the right to change the order of the excursions and the replacement of museums.
  • Breakfast at the hotel are available from the day after arrival.
  • The meeting and the tour may vary.
  • After the tour - in the city center or at the metro station.
  • Luggage storage at the station and the hotel are not included.
  • By public transport in the tour cost is not included and must be paid by the tourists.
  • All tours are conducted in Russian.
  • Surcharge for foreign nationals does not include payment of registration at the hotel.
EXCURSIONS, mentioned in the program
  • Tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Country excursion in Tsarskoye Selo
  • Excursion to St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Sightseeing tour of the Hermitage
  • Bus tour "Temples of Northern Capital"
  • Bus tour "Palaces of St. Petersburg and their owners"
  • Country Tour "In the Old Peterhof road"
  • Excursion to the Yusupov Palace
MAIN OBJECTS show, included in the set TOURS
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Catherine Palace
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Hermitage
  • Menshikov Palace
  • Grand Peterhof Palace
  • Yusupov Palace
The price includes
  • Entrance tickets to the Museum
  • accommodation
  • transport service
  • transfer
  • excursions

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