10 years later: Paris is still popular
Paris is also popular
The inbound tourist flow to Paris and the nearest suburbs will reach record levels this year. This is evidenced by the data of the regional tourism committee Ile-de-France.
In total, 16.4 million people visited the region in the first half of 2017, which is 10.2% more than last year. The number of foreigners arriving in the Ile-de-France increased by 14.9%, the French - by 6.4%. The Committee also reported on the increase in tourism revenues, which amounted to 10.1 billion euros, which is 1.1 billion more compared to last year. Chairman of the Committee on Tourism Frederick Valetu called 2017 the best for tourism in the region, beginning in 2008.
The leaders in increasing the tourist flow to the capital region of France were the Japanese. They arrived this year by 40.5% more. By 29.8% growth of tourist flow from China, 20.5% - from America. In the negative, only the British "left", their number decreased by 1.7%.
According to the Committee on Tourism, the average price for living in Paris is 87 euros per night in budget hotels and 228 euros in the premium segment, in the suburbs - 64 euros and 168 euros, respectively. Among the attractions that have become more popular among tourists are: Triumphal Arch, Montparnasse Tower, Versailles and the National Museum of the Castle de Fontainebleau.
Recall that in 2016, experts of the tourist industry in France reported a decrease in the number of tourists because of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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