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Aqua Medical pool with warm sea water - makes it possible to carry out a lot of different procedures in one go: walk past the underwater air jets 15, hitters in he leg / thigh at different depth; underwater massage of the feet over the "geyser"; relaxation of the cervical vertebrae and shoulder under powerful waterfalls; xercises under the supervision of an experienced therapist in a bubble zone basin, which gives an unusual ease of movement due to the apparent  eightlessness; body massage in back, abdomen and waist under the forward direction by underwater air jets, which improves circulation and articulation and elps you lose weight; full body massage by underwater air jets embedded in a specially underwater chair, and then rest and total relaxation of the whole body.

  • the swimming pool is free only for 3 days after arrival,
  • guests will receive an
  • original voucher upon arrival at Bali nominal voucher is valid for 1 person and not be transferred to others
  • when visiting the center, guests are required to present the original voucher and passport
  • with him must have swimwear / smelting
  • transportation available in case the tourists book the additional procedures
Ocean - an inexhaustible source of life and the most effective key to improvement, beauty and relaxation. The word "thalassotherapy" comes from recheskogo «thalassa» - sea and «therapeuin» - treatment. The modern form of thalassotherapy developed in France in the 19th century, although this type of treatment was used in ancient Greece and Rome.

Thalassotherapy - a treatment based on a combination of fresh air, seawater, seaweed and heat. Specially formulated procedures affect the entire body, helping it to relax and restore the lost natural elements and ineralnye salt, which leads to better blood circulation and total relaxation and calm your body and mind.

Why is sea water, seaweed and warm?
French physicians have concluded that human plasma is almost identical in composition
seawater. A seaweed (used in the form of a special mud) is ten times richer in precious oligo-
elements than seawater. After special treatment and heating to a temperature of + 32C sea water and algae
allow oligo-elements easily enter the body through the pores of the extended heat and thereby weaken
muscles, relieves pain facilitate spasms, give a slimming effect and removal of residues. Therapeutic effect after 8
day course of thalassotherapy continues to be felt within 6-8 months. On the coast of France is about
50 thalassotherapy centers, but only 2 are in South East Asia and two in Bali!

Useful information about the "Thalasso Bali"
Located just 5 minutes drive from Nusa Dua center "Thalasso Bali" - a physiotherapy resort
international class with a total area of 5200 sq.m. It is 600 meters from the ocean and uses only fresh
seawater. Technique thalassotherapy was brought to Bali from France and successfully applied from the day here
base center 1993. "Thalasso Bali" the capacity to serve 200 people a day and is fully equipped
computer system controlling the temperature and massage modes, automatic drainage to maintain
hygiene standards, an automatic safety control.
His interiors - luxurious and soothing, all 27 individual rooms are air-conditioned. Exterior - view of the
Sea, personal access to the beach, Balinese architecture in Art Nouveau style.
Staff - it physiotherapists, trained in France, as well as hydrotherapists and masseurs. All employees have been 3-
yoh-month course in Russian.
The center provides free bathrobes, towels, disposable linen, safe, soap, shampoo and transfer
at both ends of the packet when ordering procedures.

Men are as interesting
Suggested sea of pleasure it is quite possible for two people to share, it will bring even more pleasure for you and your
companion. All of these masks, scrubs, massages, aroma and miraculous drinks will be just a preparation for what
to leave you alone ...

Here is a partial list of procedures thalassotherapy center
affuzionny massage
power shower
marine aerosol
Weight Loss
update, revival
muscle relaxation, care of the lymphatic system
for children (under 12 years)
masks and facials
Spa Hair
Numerous variations manual massage
hot stone massage
Numerous variations scrubs
body masks
procedures for the feet and hands
aromatic flower bath and much more ...

Request our full menu.
general information
1) Before the advent of the Thalasso Center is recommended to take off all jewelry.
2) You are asked to complete the questionnaire about your medical condition (in Russian). Please carefully
answer all questions and be sure to consult with our specialists if you have any
questions or concerns about your health and well-being.
3) During pregnancy, the better to avoid treatments with deep pressure, so be sure to tell your
advance our experts, so they can help you find an appropriate procedure.

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