Edinburgh London-Paris

Edinburgh London-Paris (8 trips)
12 days / 11 nights (3 nights in Edinburgh / 4 nights in London / 4 nights in Paris)

Arrivals on Tuesdays

1 day
Gathering the group. Transfer to railway station Kings Cross.
Transfer by train north to Edinburgh (Edinburgh) (wagon 2nd class). The journey takes about 5 hours. Arriving at the train station in Edinburgh (Edinburgh's Waverley Station). Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel.

day 2
City walking tour of the historic center of Edinburgh, with a visit to Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh Castle), Holyrood Palace House (The Palace of Holyroodhouse), the ancient streets of the Royal Mile (Royal Mile).

day 3
Free time. Time for optional excursions, visits to popular attractions and restaurants.

day 4
Transfer to the train station in Edinburgh. Transfer by train to London (train 2nd class). Arriving in London at the station Kings Cross. Transfer to the hotel.

day 5
Sightseeing bus tour of London with a guide.
Walking tour of the National Gallery with a guide.

day 6
A walking tour through the historic center of London with a guide.
Walking tour of the British Museum with a guide.

7 day
Free time. Time for optional excursions, visits to popular attractions and restaurants.

day 8
Transfer to the train / train station "Art. Pancras. "Departure by high-speed train EUROSTAR (wagon 2nd class) in Paris. Arriving in Paris at the Gare du Nord. Transfer to hotel accommodation. Free time.

day 9
Sightseeing bus tour of Paris.
Walking tour of Montmartre with a visit to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur.

10 day
Walking tour "Historic Centre of Paris": Notre Dame and Latin Quarter.
Visiting the museum Fragonard perfume.

11 day
Free time. Time for optional excursions, visits to popular attractions and restaurants.

12 day
Extract from the hotel. Free time. Transfer to the airport.

The cost includes:
  • hotel accommodation with breakfast selected category
  • tours of the program with professional guides
  • train tickets 2nd class on the route London-Edinburgh-London on BritRail London and Paris on the Eurostar
  • Transfer from airport to hotel upon arrival and seeing tourists, provided that on the same flight at least 15 people.
  • Transfer hotel-Railways. Station in London and railway Station Hotel in Paris are available for free only on the arrival date specified in the schedule below, or if the shuttle 10 Arts and more.
Must pay an additional (net):
  • Entrance tickets to the castles of Edinburgh on the basic program, the agency is paid prior to arrival 30-00 / 20-00GBP
  • if you want an extra charge for railway 1 class ticket from London-Edinburgh-London 35-00GBP
  • transfers from London Heathrow or Gatwick airport to the hotel upon arrival and seeing the tourists when they arrive individually and on a voyage of less than 15 people.
  • Transfer hotel-Railways. Station Hotel in London and Edinburgh while traveling separately from the group.
  • surcharge for railway 1 ticket class on the Eurostar from London to Paris 65-00GBP
  • between salons and exhibitions in London and Paris cost of the program can be increased. Information in the table round London-Paris
  • increase in the cost of the package tour service on the person, the date of arrival: 29.04, 03/05/2014

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